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Princess Jasmine's Beauty Routine — and What It's Like to Kiss Aladdin

Apr 3 2014 - 4:30pm

At some point, we all dreamed about growing up and becoming a Disney Princess — but actress Courtney Reed actually gets to live that life. She stars as Jasmine in Disney's newest Broadway show, Aladdin, a role that indeed fulfills her own childhood wishes. But even though the stage veteran (who you may have seen in Mama Mia! or In the Heights) plays a glamorous icon on stage, she proves to be a down-to-earth celebrity. In fact, she relies on drugstore staples when it comes to skin care, and she does her own makeup before performances (after being taught by the show's makeup artist). Read on to discover more about her DIY [1] princess look, how she got in shape for those crop tops, and what it's like to make out with Aladdin (aka the handsome Adam Jacobs).

POPSUGAR: You’re playing a Disney princess — every girl's dream! What does it mean to you to take on this iconic role?

Courtney Reed: Oh my gosh, it means so much to me. It was extraspecial because she was the first ethnic princess that I was introduced to. The first one who had the same hair color and darker skin tone as me. So I definitely identified more with her. And my mom painted this Aladdin mural in a toy room we had in our basement. We’d call it “the Aladdin room.” My dad would videotape me doing the opening monologue. We were so obsessed with the movie.

PS: Have fans been reaching out to you because they identify with Jasmine?

CR: Absolutely. You get all of the age ranges. You see a lot of them, they come to the show dressed up. It’s so cute. For instance, there was this little girl dressed up as Jasmine. I had a bunch of friends come see the show, so I was on stage talking them, and she waited for so long because she was determined to give me this drawing that she made with a Hershey’s kiss and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. And her parents were like, “We couldn’t leave. She would have been devastated if she didn’t meet you.”

PS: Can you take us through Jasmine’s beauty look?

CR: I love how the makeup [artist] stayed true to the character in the film. When Jasmine opens the show, she’s wearing her turquoise outfit and a really gorgeous red lip. She’s very glistened and sparkly. All of the products are MAC Cosmetics. I start with foundation, followed by a bronzer with a bit of shimmer. I have a combination of two blushes — a light pink and one with an little orange undertone. I mix them together for my cheeks.

PS: What about her iconic cat eyes [2]?

CR: I have this really gorgeous gold cream eye shadow that I put as the base of my eye shadow. Over it goes a very, very light gray-brown shadow in the crease. After, I put a little purple into the creases. There’s a sparkly white [shadow] that goes into the inner corners of my eyes and beneath my brows. I fill in my brows a bit. Then I’ll add a [gel] liner, applied with a brush. I have this really gorgeous lash, which has a bit of a cat eye. At the end for her wedding [3], my makeup gets bumped up, and I wear Swarovski crystals in the middle part of my eye.

PS: Now that you know how to do her look, do you ever do it in real life when you’re going out?

CR: Oh, yeah. Her look is so great that it wouldn’t be that big of a difference if I walked out — and I often do. Like, people don’t give me any crazy looks, which is really good, because [the makeup artist] wanted her to be natural. But obviously, it’s heavier for the stage, because there are big spotlights on me.

PS: How do you take everything off and avoid breakouts from wearing so much makeup?

CR: When I get home, the first thing I do is wash my face. I take all of my makeup off with a Neutrogena wipes [4] ($8) to make sure that all of the base gets off first. Then, I usually wash my face very thoroughly. I moisturize with Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion [5] ($12) after I wash my face and again before I go to bed, because my skin is really dry right now.

PS: Do you wear a wig for the show?

CR: Yes, but oftentimes people think it’s my real hair, because when I go out afterward, my hair is coming out of pin curls, and it’s usually very wavy. It looks kind of like it’s done. My hair gets pretty big, and it’s long. My wig goes down to my butt. But, my actual hair is about maybe six inches shorter, so there’s really not that much of a difference

PS: You wear a lot of belly shirts. How did you get in shape for this role?

CR: I’m always very active, but I knew if I wanted to get to that next level, I would really have to push myself. So I hired a personal trainer. I go to him three times a week for an hour, and we do a lot of high-interval training. We do a set of three exercises. The first exercise might be something like jumping rope 100 times and then going into body squats with weights. I usually use low weights and do high reps. After the set is over, I get a minute break, and we go right into it again. Then we go into another set of three exercises. He keeps my heart rate up so I’m doing a lot of cardio, but at the same time I’m building muscle

PS: And for your core?

CR: I do a lot of ab work and stuff on the TRX. Sometimes he’ll make me do this old-school biking move where you pull with your arms and you’re peddling. He’ll make me do that really, really hard for 30 seconds and then go into the next exercise. He pushes me.

PS: Did you change your diet for the show?

CR: Oh yeah, for sure. I always eat very healthy, but I make sure to eat a lot of complex carbohydrates for energy but then taper off the carbs for the rest of the day — like eat a salad with chicken and avocado for dinner. I love to stir-fry vegetables with protein, like tilapia. I’m actually kind of obsessed with these flavored chicken sausages. I cut them up and put them in my stir-fry vegetables. They’re so good and so flavorful but not crazy high in calories.

PS: What’s it like working with Adam Jacobs? How did you guys get your chemistry?

CR: Adam Jacobs is the best. I always smile when I hear his name, because we’ve been part of this project for over three years now. We did the first initial reading, every workshop in between, the Seattle and Toronto tours, and now Broadway. We did another show together called Once on This Island for Paper Mill Playhouse. So we’ve been close from the beginning, and, because of that, we were forced to get to know each other. Sometimes people say that our offstage chemistry is very brother-and-sister like. We joke around with each other a lot. He’s a close friend. Naturally, it just kind of happens, because we’re forced into these circumstances together where something might go terribly wrong. He’s seen me cry a million times — like getting emotional the first time I heard “A Whole New World” or singing it and things like that. He’s always there for me.

PS: He has that winning smile.

CR: Oh my gosh, doesn’t he? Everyone keeps talking about his smile! He’s very charming, and he’s a really good guy.

PS: Is he a good kisser?

CR: Yeah, actually. Yeah, I was surprised. I was like, “Oh, all right! Good job!”

For tickets to see Courtney in Aladdin on Broadway, visit aladdinthemusical.com [6].

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