A few weeks ago I talked to you about the Los Angeles based skin care brand Arcona. I've now had the opportunity to spend some time with the products and really get a feeling for how they affect my skin. One item that I've found noteworthy is the Kiwi Clarifying Peel ($85).

First of all, the smell is divine. It has a strong kiwi aroma and it even has the little black fruit seeds right there in the pot. The color is light green, but when you spread it on your face, it looks clear. The texture is thick and gooey and upon contact with your skin, you'll feel an instant tightening and cooling. The directions say to leave it on for ten minutes, but I ran to the bathroom after five. My face began to itch terribly from the fruit acids and I couldn't help but panic.

Thank goodness no damage was done. My face was pink for only ten minutes and I didn't suffer any burns or peeling, but my oh my, was that scary. Also, and I feel this is pretty important — I've had the peel for a few weeks now and have noticed that it's already beginning to smell rancid. Arcona suggests keeping their products for six months, and now I know why. The lack of preservatives must mean that they have a short shelf life.

I can understand why people love these products (they smell amazing and have a celebrity following), but I just don't think they are right for me. Does anyone else have any stories about disappointing skin care products they have tried?

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