When it comes to "beauty" pillowcases that promise miracles, like the copper-infused pillowcase to reduce wrinkles and acne, or the contoured Anti-Wrinkle Beauty Pillow, do you buy into the hype? I know I'm leery, so when I tried out the BeautyZZZ Silk pH Balance Pillowcase ($47), I took it all with a grain of salt.

The hypoallergenic covering, available at Fred Segal Studio Beauty Mix stores, supposedly aids in preventing dark circles under the eyes, boosts the body's immune system, and helps keep skin and hair hydrated. But did it actually do as promised? To discover what I thought, keep reading.

As for an improvement in my skin and under-eye circles, I can't say that I noticed much of a difference. But from a hair standpoint, I am indeed pleased by its taming effect. For instance, earlier today when I stumbled out of bed to take the trash out in my pajamas, I didn't feel embarrassed by my usually wild, dry-looking morning hairstyle. On another note, the silky texture of the pillowcase has a wonderfully soft quality, without a satiny, cheesy, slip-off-the-bed kind of feel.

I have been using the case for over a week now (time for a washing?), and I'm impressed that it doesn't look crumply or drooled on, and hasn't collected any oily spots from my face — qualities I like to see out of a pillowcase, as I'm rather particular about keeping a nice-looking bed. Mr. Bella is also a fan of the pillow's dreamy texture, stealing it right from under me. The nerve! While I don't think the pillowcase does everything it claims and it's very splurgy, I'd recommend for the way it feels, the hair-taming results, and the sheer amount of use you'll get out of it while getting your eight (uh, six?) hours in.