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Product Review: Benefit That Gal

So now that I've had some time to play with my new Benefit That Gal ($27) makeup primer, I thought I'd report back to you with some of my thoughts. The pros of this pinky makeup primer are that it really does make a difference in the way your makeup comes out. It's really moisturizing and your skin is left with a dewy-like layer which makes for a great base.

At first I was scared by its Pepto-Bismol color and texture—and I definitely had to do a lot of blending (a tip: a little goes a long way). But to my delight, it was really airy, and the light reflectors didn't make me sparkly or anything; they just made my skin look like it was gleaming from the inside out.

The con is the strong smell. Again, many people might like a floral scent to their makeup, but I get frightened that my sensitive skin might react. Also, it didn't really even out my skin tone. It didn't make it worse, but I found that on the more red parts of my face (like my nose) it actually looked better when I applied it after putting on the rest of my makeup.

Have you had the chance to try it yet? If so, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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ohmarie ohmarie 8 years
I just bought this 5 days ago and have used it everyday since.The scent is not that strong to me, smells more fruity, like raspberries but it goes away quickly. It glides on easily and sinks in quickly. It does make my skin look a little brighter, but since I have oily skin the effect does not last long. As soon as I do my first oil blot/touch up, the effect is gone. Maybe if I skipped my moisturizer it would last longer? It does not even out my skin tone as much as I would like. I have fair, sensitive skin so it is quite red in some areas and I've yet to find a product that actually helps tone it down without making me look like I'm made up for a pageant! The girl who sold me the product told me that it would also help with large pores (which I have) and it did make a difference. They didn't disappear like I always wish (!), but they were less noticeable. It did make my foundation application a bit smoother, so this is a nice primer. It doesn't make me feel like I am wearing a mask, like silicone-based primers do. As far as brighteners go, this one has to be the best I've ever tried since it did not make my face look iridescent, glittery or 'flashy'. You can definitely use this for daytime application and not risk looking like you're on your way to a night club. I don't think I will purchase this product again since I don't really need to glow anymore than I already do but if you have normal skin or maybe even slightly dry, this product might make your skin look fabulous!
missmaclean missmaclean 9 years
This sounds interesting, just not sure if i have time in the morning to add an extra stage to my makeup routine, have finally got it down to 5 minutes! But could use it at the weekend, love the sound that it makes your skin glow. Will go look for it next time im out :]
beautygeek beautygeek 9 years
I bought my Bad Gal just last week. I'm a huge fan of Smashbox primer & I just thought I should give Bag Gal a try. Its pretty good...easy to apply, very light & I like the way it makes my cheeks glow. I tried using it on its my cheeks a dewey effect.
nita2x2 nita2x2 9 years
I love Photo Finish by Smashbox. I have used regular, SPF and color correcting. All three are great. The pinkish one with SPF is my favorite.
madbain madbain 9 years
I really liked the way that it made my skin glow without fairy dust. It looked very natural. I have fairly sensitive skin and experienced no adverse reaction to it. I did like the scent, it was refreshing.
XoCoutureXo XoCoutureXo 9 years
Wow, now I really want to try the product. If I buy it I'll be sure to post how it works.
emlod10 emlod10 9 years
i like philosophy's "on a clear day" protection cream. have yet to try benefit
lovable-syntax lovable-syntax 9 years
I own this product and so far it has worked for me. Regarding the scent, it doesn't seem floral to me so much as it seems sweet; specifically, I think it smells like cotton candy or bubble gum. I like that it primes my face for my mineral makeup (and prevents it from sweating off while I'm at work) but I would never wear it alone as it does nothing to improve the appearance of one's complexion (aside from a very subtle sheen). Once this product runs out I will probably look into buying a primer from another brand.
baby-boo16 baby-boo16 9 years
i went to sephora not too long ago with my friends and i have tried this primer its pink and it smelled bad but it really does work so good but i suggest u guys use benefit's dr. feel good after i put it on it made my skin satin smooth i told my friends about it and they thought it was amazing it minimizes the fine lines and pores in ur face and its now my number 1 must have for fall. its the only thing that made my skin so smooth and it really works!!!!!!
tinac1982 tinac1982 9 years
I use this one and it does make a bit of a difference, but not as great as Smashbox's primer. Not sure if it worth the price. I only used it with mineral foundation though, so that could be my problem.
Beauty Beauty 10 years
Yes, Smashbox makes a green-tinted primer called Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer. I like the texture a lot!
mmgt2012 mmgt2012 10 years
I might try this one but to be honest, I've used the Paul and Joe foundation primer N for ages (it comes in two colours 1 Miel, and 2 Dragee) and I love it. The texture is very fine, and it gives you a very subtle glow, and minimizes pores. The colour is extremely sheer so much better than a tinted moisturier- I just use it on top of my moisturiser with no foundation over in the daytime. I don't know how to explain it, but it just makes your complextion look better. Smashbox Backdrop is a good one too, it barely colours and it leaves a cooling sensation.
mlen mlen 10 years
i've still yet to try a primer yet- so thanks for the tips. who makes that primer that is green- is that smashbox? and is that supposed to be a primer?
Chiquita-82 Chiquita-82 10 years
I didn't use a primer before, but i like to try this one. I love Benefit line
rb24 rb24 10 years
I really like the laura mercier primer
LalaLovesBebe LalaLovesBebe 10 years
i might try this one...I really love all the Benefit product. But since i had very-berry-terrible breakouts couple months ago, now i'm really afraid of using make-up.
BelleRose BelleRose 10 years
I don't mind floral scents, so I might have to try this out.
prettypopj prettypopj 10 years
no its not scente-its is well worth the money-lucyS x
lucyS lucyS 10 years
jvb,is the mac one scented? I love mac make-up but haven't tried their skin care stuff yet.
lucyS lucyS 10 years
I'm not sure I'd buy this based on the floral scent comment. I just recently purchased Olay's Definity moisturizer and found the same problem. I don't understand why these companies fragrance products that go on your face.
prettypopj prettypopj 10 years
i have just bougt the mac prp and prime and it is the best primer ever to make you skin shine free and make up last all say-i use it on my t zone but if i want a glow i put laura geller spakle on my cheeks-this is my second all time prouduct -always get comments about my 'glow'when i use this x
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