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Product Review: Biolage Oil Control Treatment

What makes this Biolage Scalpthérapie Oil Control Treatment ($16) so unique? It's a cross between a dry shampoo, a scalp stimulating treatment, and an anti-dandruff prevention product. It contains glycerin to help absorb any excess oil and mint and kola nut to energize and balance the scalp. Guys will love it too. There's that fun tingly element to it when you spray the product onto your scalp, plus the scent is clean and refreshing without being floral or sweet.

I also have to mention the nozzle because the pointy appendage on the spritzer indicates to me that this company has thought long and hard about hair. It allows for precise application as opposed to other dry shampoo powders that can sometimes concentrate and clump in one area of the hair and/or scalp. All you have to do is aim it at your scalp and massage it in. Tip: your hair will look much better if you brush it out after you spritz.

I liked that I saw immediate results. Once I worked it into my scalp a little bit, I noticed that my hair wasn't separating and shining as much as before. Most of the oil was absorbed and it really helped increase the longevity of my blow-dry.

Yay, thumbs up to Biolage. I was hoping this old-time brand would redeem itself after my last unfortunate conditioning experience, and it didn't let me down.

karadisexo karadisexo 9 years
ooooh i really want to try this! is the powder white???
cherryice cherryice 9 years
Bella, do you know if this has parabens? I'd love to try it!
sweety54992003 sweety54992003 9 years
I have to try this but I rather wash my hair too but I will still have to give this a try.
brittanyk brittanyk 9 years
I'd like to try this. I have really long hair, which is incredibly dry and over processed from dying it. I pretty much wash my hair every day though, because I feel like it gets greasy looking. This stuff could be useful.
emososays17 emososays17 9 years
I'm also curious about how it looks on dark hair. I have medium brown/reddish hair and I rarely use my Oscar Blandi dry shampoo because the white powder is so obvious even after rubbing it in. I love products like this ,though, when you don't have time for a shower in the morning or prefer not to wash your hair every day to avoid damage.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I love products that help you go a day without washing your hair, because that is so damaging to your hair! This one, however, has mint which may feel soothing, but is actually irritating and drying. I love the applicator! I bet it smells great, too.
dd-sugar dd-sugar 9 years
I've been looking for a product like this. Wish there was a small sample size to try out. I'd be interested to hear how it works on dark hair as well.
marcella marcella 9 years
In the past, I used Biolage religiously. I might have to give this a try!
Hootie Hootie 9 years
Hmmm, need more info... But sounds good so far!
julieulie julieulie 9 years
Is it the same white colored powder as the other dry shampoos that refuse to absorb into dark hair?
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Interesting. I'd still rather wash my hair if it's looking greasy though. ;)
emalove emalove 9 years
So it's a powder, like dry shampoo? Sounds interesting!
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