Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash ($22) is one of those products I hear about all the time but, until recently, had never tried. This face wash is marketed as a "two-in-one," because it combines a cleanser with "exfoliating gel," but really, it's a pretty basic face wash — that's a good thing — with tiny beads to help slough off dead skin.

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The first thing I noticed about Fabulous Foaming Face Wash was the scent. The clear blue gel contains rose-hip extract, milk thistle, and passion flower, but the dominant essence is undoubtedly chamomile, which smells very natural and fresh.

Other than that, I wasn't bowled over by this cleanser the first time I used it. It was perfectly pleasant, but not exactly "fabulous," and the effect didn't feel that different from some good drugstore options, such as L'Oreal Pure Zone. However, the more I used it, the more I started to like it, so

After using Fabulous Foaming Face Wash for a few weeks, I began to understand what's so great about it, and that is the long-term effect is has on your skin. The Bliss website promises that this "non-stripping formula ... rebalances even the most schizophrenic of skins," and I couldn't agree more.

Since I started using this Bliss cleanser, my combination skin has been behaving beautifully. It feels smoother and more even without being too dry or too oily. And though at first, $22 seemed a bit steep for an everyday, rather ordinary cleanser, I realized that you need such a tiny amount that one bottle would probably last forever.

Have any of you tried this? If so, what do you think?