Squirrels are among my favorite animals, so much so that in college, more than a few people referred to me as Squirrel Girl. (Still not sure if that was an affectionate or mocking nickname.) A favorite pastime was smuggling almonds out of the dorm cafeteria and feeding them to my fat, friendly tree-climbing friends.

Those days came rushing back to me when I recently tried Ceci-Cela lip balm ($10), which is by far the most almond-y lip product I've ever tried. It has a sweet smell that's similar to marzipan, thanks to the inclusion of almond oil. The paraben-free formula glides on easily, and to my delight, it has SPF 15.

The almond scent, while pleasing, is pretty strong, making this balm a good choice for anyone who can't get enough of the nut. For me, wearing it stirred an intense craving for Amaretto Sours. So it may only be a matter of time before I become a rodent-obsessed lush, but at least I'll be a rodent-obsessed lush with smooth lips.