I confess, I scoffed at the idea of a pain-free bikini wax, like this new at-home waxing kit I tried out from Completely Bare, a New York-based spa specializing in nearly painless hair removal. And what do you know? Truth in advertising! I had a great, surprisingly easy (and yes, ouchless) wax.

In-spa waxing really adds up, though, so I was excited to learn about Completely Bare Wax Works ($135, on sale for $99). It's an at-home, do-it-yourself kit using the same French wax that estheticians use at the spa. Would it give the same results at home? To find out,

I'd been using Poetic Waxing for years, but upon unwrapping the Wax Works kit, I suspected I'd been missing out on an easier way to de-fuzz. With Poetic Waxing, I had to constantly keep re-heating the wax in a bain marie, but Wax Works comes with its own professional-style, temperature-controlled heater. That alone makes me a fan.

Using the heater is really simple: You just plug it in, turn it to the appropriate temperature, and wait for the indicator light to change color. Another thing I liked about this setup was that I could leave the room while the pink wax heated; because the heater has a lid, I didn't have to worry about my cats pouncing around and getting wax on their paws. (Sadly, yes, this is a valid concern when it comes to those frisky felines.)

While the wax heated up, I watched a how-to DVD that comes as part of the kit. It's actually really charming, with cute animations showing how to apply the wax and how to properly remove it. The kit does include detailed instructions on paper, but the DVD makes it easier to understand.

In about 15 minutes, the wax was ready. The kit comes with everything you need (spatulas, paper strips, pre- and post-waxing lotions). The directions call for baby powder, which I didn't have, but, you know, I'm a rebel. I'll wax without powder. After applying the wax and letting it cool, I yanked it off with the paper strips. While it wasn't completely painless, it wasn't bad, either. What I really appreciated was how well the wax grabbed the hair. Some waxes just grab half or three-quarters' worth of the hair, but this wax got all of it but a few strays. That means I didn't have to go over my skin over and over, which kept it from getting raw.

I had high hopes for this product, and I'm glad to report that it really delivered. Since it's on sale for $99, I think it's a worthwhile investment. After all, the wax can be used on the bikini area, eyebrows, legs and underarms—so it really is a multi-purpose product. And considering a Brazilian bikini wax is $70 at fancy spas—$84 with a tip—this kit pays for itself in just over one use. Very highly recommended! And for more suggestions on at-home waxing kits read on —although, sincerely, this one is worth every penny.