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Product Review: La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation

I know it's hard to believe, but this Loose Mineral Foundation by Bella Donna ($50) was my first introduction into the wonderful world of mineral-powder foundations.

I know a lot of you use mineral foundation, but if not, here's the basic idea: The seemingly magical makeup comes in powder form, but when you sweep it across your face, you get the finish of a foundation. But while I'm totally sold on the mineral-makeup concept, I don't think that this foundation is right for me, so

After a favorable encounter with La Bella Donna's Capri Lip Palette, I decided to try this foundation, and it definitely makes me want to explore the mineral-makeup category more. It's pretty incredible how much coverage and smoothness this product provided with just a quick once-over with the brush.

La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation gave my face a very even and velvety finish at first — almost dewy. But as I went about my day, the dewiness turned into oiliness. My skin tends to get a bit oily, so maybe it's not entirely the makeup's fault. Overall, I liked the consistency and the results.

Has anyone had this problem with other mineral foundations? If so, tell me your experiences. Which one should I try next?

Vanilla-Bean Vanilla-Bean 10 years
Why is St. Ives not a good choice?
steen steen 10 years
ilovekitties: I do the same thing! Right now, I'm using a medium coverage Mary Kay foundation and I use a mineral powder to kind of add a glow that won't leave me shiny or oily looking. kitson: I agree about the flakiness. I used to have that problem until I started using the Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion scrub twice a week. It's gentle enough for my sensitive skin and no follow-up products are needed!
kitson1 kitson1 10 years
And Daisy Mae: If you have serious oily spots, my guess is your dry spots come in the form of flakiness, which indicates that it may not be true dryness but a lack of exfoliation that is causing these spots. If you don't have any open breakouts, I would suggest getting a really good scrub (St. Ives is NOT a good choice) and using it 3 times a week. Some good ones are Lancome's Microdermabrasion, Clinique Exfoliating Scrub. If you do have an open breakout, go to any Lancome counter and ask if they sample applications of their resurface peel. The kit is $140, but every bit worth it. Any reputable Lancome rep would try it on you, though.
kitson1 kitson1 10 years
I would definitely get a primer...the best one I've found is Clinique Cityblock 25. If you have oily skin like me, the first time you put it on, you'll think it feels strange, but throw some powder over it and you don't need foundation at all!
JessNess JessNess 10 years
lovefoolio- you should look into Bare Escentuals primer Prime Time. My BE always made the pores on my nose look bigger but this primer definitely stops that
DearMissPriss DearMissPriss 10 years
Oops...I meant EM doesn't have bismuth.
lovefoolio lovefoolio 10 years
everyday minerals DOES contain mica. any idea which mineral make ups Don't have it?
lovefoolio lovefoolio 10 years
i use BE also. i have VERY oily skin but i don't have too many problems with the powder. however, i've started using Dr. Brandt's Pores No More as a base before applying the powder foundation, and so far it's worked well for me! one problem i find with BE is that i'm not sure if it's the finest of the mineral make up powders. sometimes i feel like it gets in my pores and makes the pores look even bigger. any ideas for that?
JessNess JessNess 10 years
Bella- my BE used to make my skin oily by the end of the day like this one did for you. But now I use BE Prime Time primer and I dont have that problem at all anymore. I did a review of it in BPJ
daisymae051479 daisymae051479 10 years
I have a problem with coverage. My skin tone is very uneven and if I cover the problem areas with the mineral powder stuff then I look like I have too much makeup on. And it felt really heavy. I must be doing something wrong????? Currently I am using a liquid from Loreal (oohhh I can't remember which kind, but it has a red top) and I don't have to use very much of it at all (I'm talking 1 pump, a tiny, tiny amount) to get the coverage and never look "made up". I want to use the mineral stuff because I know it would be better for my skin. I have very combination skin - serious dry spots and serious oily spots. Any suggestions?
DearMissPriss DearMissPriss 10 years
I used BE until I realized there are a million others. A lot of them don't have mica either, which can cause breakouts for some people. Right now I'm using Everyday Minerals and I love it. It's a small company so they have great CS. It's very inexpensive compared to BE, and for me, it looks more natural. They have a LOT of shades, so you can order samples and try out foundation, blush and concealer. Other people on my skincare forum use Lumiere, Meow Makeup, U Glo Girl, Larenim and Alima....I've never tried any yet though.
prettypopj prettypopj 10 years
ilovekitties-that sounds like a great idea-i have just ordered BE and now I am really worried x
doubleuendy doubleuendy 10 years
yes! same for me especially with BE which is the reason i stopped. my solution: i use regular foundation just medium coverage. then i bought the Urban Decay mineral powder and lightly brush over. It really helps cover any little spots that the foundation didnt get and gives a more even look to my makeup. try not to use so much of the mineral powder as main source of makeup because it gets really shiny. try using it as a light layer instead. so far it works for me :)
historydiva historydiva 10 years
I have moderately oily skin, especially in warmer weather, and I have found L'Oreal's mineral makeup only made the oiliness more noticeable, even in winter. I tried samples of Alima and had the same problem, plus it never blended right and seemed to accentuate my pores. Physician's Formula mineral foundation powder plus finishing veil is PERFECT for my sensitive, oily skin. I have had amazing success with it and you can't beat the price.
Sassette Sassette 10 years
I highly recommend Lumiere: They're very reasonably priced, and it's the best thing I've found for my oily/sensitive skin. Plus their eye shadow colors are GORGEOUS (Allure is my favorite shade).
amybdk amybdk 10 years
I had to stop using BE because I started getting funny rashes on my face. In the beginning, it looked great - very good, even coverage. I loved it. But then it started to irritate my skin more and more until I had to throw it away (I was good about keeping my brushes clean). Finding the right product is so tedious!
Michelann Michelann 10 years
Yuck, that sounds horrible. I have oily skin, but I've still never really had a problem with my BE. Just the same, I think CG is right about a primer.
cg2003 cg2003 10 years
i never had that trouble with my BE foundation...maybe you need a primer with that
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