I know it's hard to believe, but this Loose Mineral Foundation by Bella Donna ($50) was my first introduction into the wonderful world of mineral-powder foundations.

I know a lot of you use mineral foundation, but if not, here's the basic idea: The seemingly magical makeup comes in powder form, but when you sweep it across your face, you get the finish of a foundation. But while I'm totally sold on the mineral-makeup concept, I don't think that this foundation is right for me, so

After a favorable encounter with La Bella Donna's Capri Lip Palette, I decided to try this foundation, and it definitely makes me want to explore the mineral-makeup category more. It's pretty incredible how much coverage and smoothness this product provided with just a quick once-over with the brush.

La Bella Donna Loose Mineral Foundation gave my face a very even and velvety finish at first — almost dewy. But as I went about my day, the dewiness turned into oiliness. My skin tends to get a bit oily, so maybe it's not entirely the makeup's fault. Overall, I liked the consistency and the results.

Has anyone had this problem with other mineral foundations? If so, tell me your experiences. Which one should I try next?