Within the past month, two girlfriends have separately claimed that the La Mer Lip Balm is the cat's pajamas. With rave reviews like this, I naturally couldn't help but satisfy my curiosity and check it out for myself. There's pretty much one word I can think to best describe this product and it's ohmig-d! As expected, it contains the famous La Mer Miracle Broth, vitamins, mint, and plant extracts to help regenerate, hydrate, and insulate your lips from extreme temperatures — hot and cold.

You first notice the refreshing cooling sensation followed by a sweet and minty scent (the taste is equally pleasant). It is incredibly moisturizing without being sticky whatsoever and the texture is light, so your ring finger only needs to take one lap around the edge to cover both of your lips.

While I am painting this product picture perfect, it wouldn't be fair to withhold its two drawbacks. First, where's the SPF? It claims to protect your lips from hot and cold, all the while dismissing sun protection. And lastly, any way you slice it, 45 bones for a lip balm is steep. That being said, I feel strongly enough about it that I'm still willing to recommend it despite the cost.

Too bad for my other friends that I'm a little bit of a germaphobe. If this was the kind of thing you could share — like body lotion — I'd be more than happy to let them have at it, but no can do. Sorry girls, get your own.