Some facials involve a bit of discomfort, but they shouldn't burn your skin. Unfortunately, a recent facial used too-hot oils and lemongrass oil, leaving my skin rough, flaky and thoroughly angry.

Enter Laboratoire Remède Post-Peel Skin-Calming Balm ($42), recommended to me by an esthetician at Remède who saw my rough, red cheeks. She recommended this off-white balm, claiming that it would soften my skin and reduce the redness. Truthfully, I didn't have high hopes, but I dutifully took home a tiny sample and applied it that night.

Wowza! The next morning, most of the rough and red patches were gone. The balm contains aloe, shea butter, willowherb extract, and other calming ingredients — and judging by my experience, they work. I have a feeling this balm will be a lifesaver come wintertime, but for now, it's returned my roughed-up skin to a blissfully smooth state.