If you're a fanatic about getting a smooth, clear complexion, I have two words for you: Brazened Honey. It's not an exaggeration to call this face mask the best secret in natural skin care—it's the only thing that consistently unclogs my blackheads, softens my skin and gives me a healthy, I-just-ran-five-miles glow. Lush says this detoxifying mask is for "when you're thoroughly ashamed of what you've done to your skin," but I think it's the secret to unlocking the kind of complexion you never knew you had. To find out what makes it work so well,

Lush prides itself on using just-picked foodstuffs in its products, and Brazened Honey is no exception. Ginger root, parsley, rosemary, fennel, lime and free-range eggs are just a few of the ingredients that help explain why this stuff needs to be stored in the fridge (and why it’s available only in Lush stores, not online, for $10.95). The other ingredients are similarly based in nature: Seven Ayurvedic herbs are used for their inherent cleansing properties, kaolin soaks up excess oil and chlorophyll helps heal irritated and red skin.

And did I mention that it has the scrumptious scent of honey? Seriously, it smells so amazing that you'll be tempted to eat this stuff on toast. Instead, put on a thin layer after cleaning your face, wait 15 minutes and take it off by gently rubbing in circles. Splash some lukewarm water on your face to get off the last bits, and then it's Beautiful Skin City, population: You.