Last week, I got a sample of Mirenesse Secret Weapon mascara in a goodie bag. Mirenesse is an Australian cosmetics line that can be difficult to track down in the States; like Imju Fiberwig, Secret Weapon coats lashes rather than painting them.

Using Secret Weapon is a little different than working with traditional mascaras. You're supposed to apply it from the outer lash to the inner lash, jiggling the wand from root to tip. Although the formula is tear-proof, it can be removed with warm water alone—which makes this a good product for frequent travelers, since you don't have to pack separate eye makeup remover.

For the full review, plus before-and-after pictures, just

The first time I used Secret Weapon, I was blown away. Just one coat made my eyelashes look longer and curled—as though I was wearing false lashes, but without the fakeness. It wasn't quite as dramatic as wearing eyelash extensions, but my eyes looked positively doe-like. And somehow, it made me look as though I'd applied eyeliner, too. The benefits lasted throughout a day of picnicking and chasing a toddler around a park. I didn't have any clumps to deal with, and better yet, it didn't flake or rub off.

Take a look at this before-and-after shot; I used the mascara on top lashes only, with one coat:

At $27 for a tube, Secret Weapon isn't cheap, but you can order a free sample (plus $2 for shipping) to try it out. Plus, I just found this deal, which shaves $10 off the price of the "Super Long" variety. I'm a big fan, and considering you can try this stuff for next to nothing, why not give it a whirl?