After playing with my new Miss Popularity ($24) from Benefit, I found myself completely surprised by the product. For some reason I thought it was a liquid, but it's actually a very fine powder applied with a wide sponge tip.

The color is a pure transparent shimmer. It comes out of the bottle looking white, but on your skin it has flecks of silver, gold and iridescent pink. I will say that the formula blends really well and the applicator tip is nearly perfect for acing that little inner corner "V" in your eyes, but why does it have to be so big?

I found that I had to transfer it to a smaller, thinner makeup brush so I didn't look like I had just spread fairy dust all over my eyes. Having said that, the product itself is great. The powder is smooth, and the color is unuusal and not too over-the-top glittery.

I can see Miss Popularity being a big hit for a night out and for the holiday season, but not for everyday wear. Have any of you tried it? If so, please share your thoughts with me in a comment below.

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