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Product Review: NARS Lip Gloss/Lip Stain Duo

For the Holiday 2007 season, Nars launched its beautiful Siren Song Collection. I've been a busy bee creating different looks with all of the colors, but the one product I just can't seem to make friends with is the Lip Gloss/Lip Stain Gloss Duos.

I'm a lover of most makeup pairs because of their great value, and I certainly haven't met a Nars product that I didn't like, but my experience with the Indian Red Lip Stain side of my duo was a colossal disaster. While one side is your typical thick and sticky gloss, the other side has a drastically different consistency and frankly, I just don't understand it.

It's very liquid and slick, and you only need a small amount for full coverage. Don't make the same mistake I did and slather it on (it's a dirty little trick since it's got the same applicator as a gloss), because this milky lip stain spreads like wildfire. Having said all of this, please keep in mind that on the whole, I am not a huge fan of lip stains, so the richness of this product definitely plays a role in my opinion. For a description of the four color combination options,

  • Metis/Vicoire: mulberry and plum
  • Moon Fleet/Indian Red: sparkling gold and deep scarlet red
  • Turkish Delight/Sayonara: sheer light pink and rose petal pink
  • Sandpiper/Daredevil: Shimmering coral and scarlet red

See reader reviews of this product and add your own here!

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xdollpartsx xdollpartsx 9 years
awful awful product.. was so excited to try it- but i will be sending it back... such a mess and crappy quality =(
missmaclean missmaclean 9 years
Arrgh i can never use lip stain, i always end up with clown mouth. Think ill stick to my mac lipsticks :]
emalove emalove 9 years
I don't think I'd try this, although I do really like lip stain. I don't really care for Nars glosses though. Think I'll stick with my Benetint stain and my C.O. Bigelow gloss combo :)
tynidingdong tynidingdong 9 years
I heard this was a real good brand...
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
Yikes! I don't think I'd like it at all.
danig danig 9 years
I love Vincent Longo stains, but this sounds like a mess! thanks for the review.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 9 years
Thanks for the review, I'll take your word for it....I have full lips and would hate to have over stained them accidentally!
SugarRum SugarRum 9 years
Yeah, I have the Indian Red stain, not in the duo version and you have to be careful with it. Definitely wear lip liner otherwise it will bleed. I top mine off with Vincent Longo's Rede gloss so it's not so clownish, but still gives a nice red lip.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
Not a fan of stain...
bibibella69 bibibella69 9 years
I got one of these from a friend who works cosmetics for a major dept store and I did not like the product. The colors are great but they are too runny. It was messy.
Pumpkin-Queen Pumpkin-Queen 9 years
I must say i walked by the nars counter several times and nope..never compelled to try it out (and i use alot of nars stuff) It just looks gloopy and sticks and somehow wrong
tati33 tati33 9 years
ooo i got the email about this..thanks for the review!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Thatnks for the review! It's helpful ;)
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