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Product Review: Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner

Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner

The insane amount of traveling I've done this Summer has started to take its toll on my appearance (I've crossed the coasts twice in the last three weeks). Strict airline regulations have me carting around trial-sized samples of products that, while fun to try, are not my actual favorites. I always find solace in the fact that one of my top conditioners, Pantene Pro-V Fortifying Deep Fortifying Treatment ($5), is cheap enough to repurchase in every city. But one recent jet-lagged night, I couldn't find it in the drugstore and instead picked up the brand's new Beautiful Lengths Conditioner, partly because it supports Pantene's great anticancer campaign, and partly because I'm curious if I really need to add a new qualifier to my hair type: color-treated, wavy, dry, and . . . long?

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Short answer: Not really. Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner is fine, but it's no Deep Fortifying Treatment, and it certainly doesn't seem to be doing anything for my split ends. The Beautiful Lengths line uses Aquacurrent Science, inspired by the Nobel-prize winning discovery of aquaporins, which purport to prevent the hair shaft from swelling with water (which can cause breakage). There are plenty of other ingredients that may help keep long hair healthy (polymers, silicones, a surfactant called BT-MAC), but nothing that wouldn't also help keep shorter hair healthy, too. The scent is inoffensive and the creamy texture is average for those with dry hair (the fine-haired often complain that Pantene products sometimes leave buildup). But even for my parched hair, Beautiful Lengths Conditioner was so unremarkable that after a few days, I absently reverted back to my free hotel conditioner.

I love Hilary Swank (the line's celebrity spokesperson, who herself donated eight inches of hair on national television), I looooooove Danillo (Pantene's rocker celebrity hairstylist who works with Beautiful Lengths), and I love supporting a good cause like cancer research and providing free wigs to women who have so courageously fought for their lives. But for now, I'm going to keep saving up for October — Breast Cancer Awareness month — when every line comes out with limited-edition irresistible pink packaging. And I'll still be searching every town from Toledo to Tel Aviv for Deep Fortifying Treatment. Why mess with a good thing?

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jzaorski jzaorski 8 years
Thanks for sharing. It seems like it can depend on which line you use. I have dry, frizzy, very very curly hair. I tried the moisture renewal and oddly enough my hair was more frizzy than ever. It was soft but all frizz. I've used other products, such as the time renewal mask and had no problem. I'm still on the search for split end help. I know regular trims are necessary but they seem to come back too fast after it's trimmed.
saidy_gris saidy_gris 8 years
did you say that you buy a new container of conditioner in each place that you travel to? that seems like a huge waste of money and resources.
Dr-No Dr-No 8 years
I love pantene conditioner (the standard ones, not ice shine or beautiful lengths or whatever). I don't use the shampoo or anything else, but I feel like their conditioner does more for my hair than expensive ones! My hair used to be straw but since I started using pantene conditioner it feels soft and silky!
g1amourpuss g1amourpuss 8 years
Cool icon GlamPop. I always liked pantene..the scent and I really wanted it to work for my hair, but it's just to heavy. Redken works the best for me, but it's kind of pricey.
soapbox soapbox 8 years
Pantene never appealed to me. My hair is very finicky, so I only use Paul Mitchell.
GossipAngela GossipAngela 8 years
I prefer John Frieda's shampoos and conditioners. Pantene left my hair so oily that I started to get dandruffs and it was disgusting!
glampop20 glampop20 8 years
Oh wow... I've tried so many different shampoos and conditioners and I always go back to using Pantene. I use the great lengths shampoo and conditioner and I feel as though my dry, colored hair is softer and less straw-like. I'm surprised it just such a bad review!
ElleM85 ElleM85 8 years
I'm liking this stuff. I've been growing my hair out and since using this there is less breakage so I'm not having to trim as often.
emalove emalove 8 years
Pantene isn't a favorite brand of mine...I like some of their products, but I don't go out of my way to try their new ones.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 8 years
Pantene actually costs more than John Frieda here, so I stick with my Brilliant Brunette stuff.
LadyLiLa83 LadyLiLa83 8 years
Pantene works fine for me, but the problem is that I'm cheap and prefer my Herbal Essences (I always get compliments on my hair so I don't complain).
Ellenora Ellenora 8 years
I haven't given Pantene a thought since it almost made me go bald one time and I have extremely fine hair (I have a lot of hair too). I haven't gone back to Pantene since. So, it doesn't surprise me that it left a lot of residue.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 8 years
Pantene leaves a really bad residue on my hair and I have really thick hair.
writerjenna writerjenna 8 years
Am I the only person who likes Pantene?? I get compliments all the time and it's the only brand I use!
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I've read over and over that silicone actually isn't good for the hair. It gives hair the outward appearance of being healthy while it doesn't actually do anything good for it.
any any 8 years
no i prefer my head and shoulder cytrus
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