To smell Amazing Grace shower gel is to love the scent. It's soft, slightly sweet, and it somehow reminds me of that wonderful clean-baby smell. (Oprah loves it so much that she named it one of her favorite things in 2005!) But as much as I love the scent, I don't love this shower gel. It's supposed to be a three-in-one body cleanser, shampoo and bubble bath. Unfortunately, it's a good bubble bath, only an adequate shower gel, and a lousy shampoo.

First, I tried Amazing Grace as a shower gel. I was so excited about smelling good afterward, and I happily lathered myself up. During the shower, everything was great, but the scent didn't linger. A few days later, I used it as a bubble bath and was happy with the bubbles, but found that my skin got a little dried-out. Until this point, it was no big deal. But then I made the mistake of using the gel as a shampoo. Quelle horreur! Despite thoroughly rinsing my hair, it was left with a dirty, greasy feeling. Amazing Grace smells wonderful and I'd like to try it in a different form, but as a shampoo, it's just amazingly yech.

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