Last night I tried Philosophy's The Oxygen Peel and let's just say I felt like I was participating in a high-school science experiment. This kit involves breaking open capsules, and stirring liquid that rises, and it has foam that undergoes a chemical reaction, and there is some sort of enzymatic infusion that occurs, and, well, I think the only thing I was missing was a Bunsen burner. But after spending 10 minutes with the directions, I was ready to give it a whirl.

The first step involves breaking open an enzyme capsule, pouring the contents into a tiny container (included) and filling it halfway with water. You shake rigorously and then allow one minute for the gel to form and rise. You then apply to your face. After that you apply a separate oxygen foam directly on top of the gel. This is when the two parts collide and provide a blast of oxygen to your skin. After waiting three minutes, you scrape the cream off of your face with a spatula.

So, now that the process is spelled out, what was my reaction to this science experiment? At first I was annoyed that it was so labor intensive, but once both parts were on my face, I enjoyed the sensation. It was sort of cooling, but it bordered on ticklish. The real magic came when I scraped the product off of my face. My pores felt like they could breathe, and overall my face felt clean. I say, if you've got the time, this one is worth the effort.

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