Orlando Pita, the stylist behind some of the fashion world's most beautiful hairstyles, has collaborated with hairdryer heavies T3. The result is T3 Plump Heat Seeking Liquid Hair Plumper ($38), a spray-on treatment that promises to deliver thicker, stronger hair with tons more volume. To use it, you just spritz it on damp hair before using the hairdryer.

The packaging is really simple, and although this is just a little detail, I liked the way the pump spray delivers the product. Instead of coming out in an angry burst, it mists smoothly and evenly. Like I said, it's a little thing, but I like it. For the rest of my review, including why this stuff may be a giant man magnet,

I've used this product a few times, and it definitely adds volume to my hair without weighing it down or making it tacky. Coupled with my T3 dryer, it creates a fantastically smooth, shiny and bouncy hairstyle. In fact, after using the two together, Fit and Team both asked me if I'd done something new with my hair.

They weren't the only ones who noticed. Mr. Bella and I had a hot date at the art museum a few weeks ago, and he kept coming near my face. Nearer than usual, that is. At first I thought he was just being romantic and trying to sneak a smooch, but then I realized that he was only nuzzling my hair. Finally, I said, "Are you trying to sniff my hair?"

"Um, yes," he replied. "I can't help it. It just smells really good."

So there you have it. He's never done this before, so I credit Plump with turning him into a hair nuzzler. I can't blame him, really: This stuff leaves a light, pleasant scent that I can't quite place. It's not exactly citrusy, nor is it that weirdly fake-smelling fruity scent. It's just really fresh and clean. And apparently, it smells so wonderful that men will bury their noses in your hair in public.

My only hesitation with this product is its price. As much as I love the results, it's hard to part with $38 for any hair product. (That's why this is a 3.5-star, not a 4-star review.) If it's not within your budget, see if you can try out a friend's before taking the plunge—or better yet, save up for a T3 dryer, which I do think is worth the considerable expense. But if you're not sticking to a budget, don't think twice about it. And then, don't be surprised if you find a gentleman or two trying to smell your hair.

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