If this name doesn't get your attention, I don't know what will. This relatively new eyelash primer and waterproofing product from Urban Decay is called Lingerie & Galoshes ($17). One side of the tube contains a fiber-enriched lash primer to lift and lengthen. The other side houses a waterproofing solution so that your mascara won't run or flake.

Using it is easy. After you swipe a generous coat on all of your lashes, simply apply your mascara and let it dry for about two minutes. Then, apply the galoshes solvent on top of your mascara. Not only does waterproofing your eyelashes add shine, but now you can swim, cry and walk in the rain without worry.

While I love the idea of this product, there are two drawbacks. First, the smell of the waterproofing side is reminiscent of glue. And then, the idea and the gimmick of this product is really cute, but if you bought a plumping waterproof mascara you wouldn't really need it at all.

Having pointed this out, I like the cute lingerie and wellie logos on the tube, I appreciate the feeling of the flexible applicators, and I splashed some water on my face to see if the stuff really works — and it does! So you decide: Is Lingerie & Galoshes something you think you would be interested in buying?

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