I just picked up Vincent Longo Diamond lip gloss last week, and honestly, it's turning me into a magpie. I keep pulling it out of my bag to show people how beautiful the shine is. Even my guy friends admitted that it was pretty. (Yes, I had to show it to them, too.)

The source of Diamond Lip Gloss's ridiculous gorgeousness is a formula that features minute reflective pearls to catch and reflect light. So not only is the pigmented gloss itself shiny, it also has these microscopic glimmery bits. The look is shimmery, not sparkly, so you don't have to worry about looking like a disco dancer when you slick on the gloss.

I chose Rosewood Luster, which is a semi-sheer golden pink. If you like Nars Orgasm, you'll probably like this shade—the tones are similar but Rosewood Luster is more sheer. Alone, it's ideal for day wear, but it also looks great at night when layered on top of a pink lipstick. It's available online for $22, which is a little pricey (and is why I take a star off). But I have a feeling you'll wind up using it so often that justifying the cost won't take much work.

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