When the zit-zapping device Zeno came out, I was very curious. The gadget promises to stop pimples by delivering heat to the developing spots, obliterating the bacteria that causes most blemishes. Now, I'm a pacifist, except when it comes to two things: Dust bunnies and zits.

To indulge in my acne-assassin tendencies, the folks at Zeno sent me a sample Zeno Pro ($189) to review. The gadget itself is lightweight, easily portable, and pretty in pink. Before the first use, you charge it, and then it's ready to go. For the full review,

Before we go any further, you should know what Zeno is meant to do. The device is intended for pimples that are developing—you know, the kind you can feel coming on. It doesn't work for zits that have already come to a head, or on blackheads.

To use Zeno, you hold the heated tip to the would-be pimple in question for two-and-a-half minutes. (It chirps when it's finished.) The sensation is pretty relaxing—it's just a steady delivery of heat. Afterward, that part of my skin was red from the warmth, so I wouldn't recommend doing a Zeno zap immediately before you have to go somewhere important.

The Zeno literature says that you might see results in as little as one treatment, but it might take two or three. I found that most of my pimples stopped forming after just one treatment. It's pretty crazy: I'd treat the burgeoning blemish at night, and in the morning, it was as though nothing was starting.

On one occasion, I was getting one of those nasty cystic pimples just under my jawline. I decided to try Zeno on it, even though it's not specifically made for that kind of pimple. The next day, it wasn't gone, but it had ballooned into a—sorry, this is gross—medium-sized sebum-filled pimple. Yuck, I know, but I'd rather be able to dab some salicylic acid on that stuff and just get rid of it.

I'm pretty impressed by Zeno, enough so that I decided to go off the Pill, which was keeping my hormonal acne at bay. (I'm going back on it because I can't handle the cramps, but that's another story altogether.) It's an effective way to treat many kinds of acne, but I'll admit: The cost isn't easy to swallow. However, if you shop online, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it's definitely worth trying if you are having persistent breakouts that don't respond to any other treatments. Anyone else have a review to share?

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