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Product Review: Zeno PRO

When the zit-zapping device Zeno came out, I was very curious. The gadget promises to stop pimples by delivering heat to the developing spots, obliterating the bacteria that causes most blemishes. Now, I'm a pacifist, except when it comes to two things: Dust bunnies and zits.

To indulge in my acne-assassin tendencies, the folks at Zeno sent me a sample Zeno Pro ($189) to review. The gadget itself is lightweight, easily portable, and pretty in pink. Before the first use, you charge it, and then it's ready to go. For the full review,

Before we go any further, you should know what Zeno is meant to do. The device is intended for pimples that are developing—you know, the kind you can feel coming on. It doesn't work for zits that have already come to a head, or on blackheads.

To use Zeno, you hold the heated tip to the would-be pimple in question for two-and-a-half minutes. (It chirps when it's finished.) The sensation is pretty relaxing—it's just a steady delivery of heat. Afterward, that part of my skin was red from the warmth, so I wouldn't recommend doing a Zeno zap immediately before you have to go somewhere important.

The Zeno literature says that you might see results in as little as one treatment, but it might take two or three. I found that most of my pimples stopped forming after just one treatment. It's pretty crazy: I'd treat the burgeoning blemish at night, and in the morning, it was as though nothing was starting.

On one occasion, I was getting one of those nasty cystic pimples just under my jawline. I decided to try Zeno on it, even though it's not specifically made for that kind of pimple. The next day, it wasn't gone, but it had ballooned into a—sorry, this is gross—medium-sized sebum-filled pimple. Yuck, I know, but I'd rather be able to dab some salicylic acid on that stuff and just get rid of it.

I'm pretty impressed by Zeno, enough so that I decided to go off the Pill, which was keeping my hormonal acne at bay. (I'm going back on it because I can't handle the cramps, but that's another story altogether.) It's an effective way to treat many kinds of acne, but I'll admit: The cost isn't easy to swallow. However, if you shop online, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so it's definitely worth trying if you are having persistent breakouts that don't respond to any other treatments. Anyone else have a review to share?

See reader reviews of this product and add your own here!

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dude-i-love-you dude-i-love-you 8 years
I just read the reviews on this product and it sounds inviting. I do agress that the price is a bit steep but thank goodness they offer that great return policy. I was just diagnosed with Adult Acne, at 38. How depressing is that! I've never had a blemish on my skin until now so I'm desperate to try anything. I've heard raving things about the Mario Badescu products for treating Acne. I've been using the Drying Lotion and that's pretty amazing. But you should read up on their products and reviews. Go to his website: it's probably an easier alternative than forking out all the cash for the Zeno. Cheers!
CC1 CC1 9 years
I think Stacylee's comment was an excellent idea and I'm not a scientist, but I tried it and it didn't work. After studying up since it's been a while since I've been in school, I'm thinking the reason for it not working is because a hot wash cloth can't maintain the right temperature for long enough to kill the pimple bacteria. Hence, the whole process made me even more content with my Zeno. I've been using Zeno for a while and I absolutely love it. I echo others that you need to use it when the pimple first appears to have the best results. I want to also say that I question any over-the-counter acne product that uses "light". My dermatologist says any type of light acne treatment not done in a doctor's office is not strong enough to have successful results. That's probably why those type of acne light treatments have to be done by a doctor. Until then, I'll stick with my Zeno since I know it works well and saves me money in dr. visits.
jmast jmast 9 years
I just ordered the Derma | Style by Lumiport Portable Acne Light Pen from It's $149 but it doesn't work with heat and it doesn't need replacement cartridges so once it's paid, that's it. I haven't received it yet, as soon as I do I'll let you guys know how it works. Maybe Bella can do a review on it as well :) It takes 10 minutes on each zit but you know what? If it gets rid of the zit, I'll take it! Oh and it got great reviews from the users at so hopefully they are right.
popularsugar popularsugar 9 years
I read somewhere that toothpaste is a cheap and effective way at helping reduce the swelling as it soaks up some of the oil. I used to do it as a teenager, it helped or maybe it was psychosomatic, but it's worth a try. A warm wash cloth def. helps, why doesn't ice work at reducing the swelling??
popularsugar popularsugar 9 years
In the long term this is a good investment. Think about it, say birth control costs average 30 bucks and multiply that by 12 months is $360.00. I know that birth control not only helps alleviate breakout it also is insurance from getting preggers. And not all Birth Control pills are the same. For acne products, I spend probably around 40 bucks every 2 months (face wash, biore pore strips, lotion, toner)multiply that by 6 months and it comes to $240.00 and that is just for one year. I used to take minocyline and that was expensive and didn't help at all. So for a gadget that is under 200.00 to help banish zits is a pretty good deal, it's not a miracle product, but I am willing to buy it for $189.00 and return it after 30 days if I am not satisfied. Thanks for the review!
Candyhunnie Candyhunnie 9 years
I'll save up, it sould be about £100 in English (:
kimbrly836 kimbrly836 9 years
amen to the pill for cystic acne and cramps. I have the zeno, used it...buuuuuuut like you, I suffer from the cystic pimples. I find that it shortens the course of those and eases their pain a bit. BTW, my dermatologist has me on antibiotics (bactrim) for the cystic acne. I took one full course to get rid of the acne and then am on a maintenance pill a week, taken in halves, one/half on Sunday and one/half on Wednesday.
CesyBabe CesyBabe 9 years
Sigh. Bet cant even get them in NZ, and it would be twice the price. Ah well my skin has cleared up at the moment, thank you Government-subsidised Accutane!
koolbr33z3 koolbr33z3 9 years
Yowsas! That's a little too pricey for me. Here's crossing my fingers that this becomes a Bellasugar giveaway soon. :) Wishful thinking...
elephantheart elephantheart 9 years
I bought a zeno and was VERY dissapointed with it. Unlike someone else's comment, it caused me to be sooo obsessed with my skin. I was worried that if I didn't catch something fast enough I wouldn't be able to get rid of it, so I was staring in the mirror all the time. And when I used it, it did me no good. I used it 4-5 times on each emerging zit, and nothing. I followed the instructions to a t! My suggestion is to save your money. It's not worth it!!!
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 9 years
Hmm, not sure if it's worth the price. The past week I have been using the St. Ive's scrub with 2% salycylic acid and let me tell you, it works! I tried the Clean & Clear spot treatment with Benzoyl perozide first and nearly took off a layer of skin. But the salycylic acid has worked great, although it is drying to some parts of the face. St. Ives + Kohl's American Beauty Spot treatment = clear skin at less than $5-10 a month.
lattegoodness lattegoodness 9 years
stacylee, I'm going to have to try that one... makes sense, but I don't get why the Zeno has to have replacement cartridges... there is not debris that falls out, so what exactly needs to be replaced? :? Anyway, I bought one of these for my best friend's birthday and guess what? It didn't work! I had to mail her the receipt (I got it at Walgreens, where you get a 30 day, money back guarantee) and she got it exchanged. I still have to see if it worked on her though...
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
hm, the things they come up with...
staceyleeroberts staceyleeroberts 9 years
Ladies - Save your money and use this little tip that works about the same way as the Zeno does . . . Run a wash cloth under very hot water, not scalding but as warm as you can handle and then press the damp, warm/hot wash cloth against your blemish until it cools and then do this two or three more times in the evening and morning. This will have the same effect as the Zeno at a much less cost. Zeno uses heat to zap the zit, but hot water and a wash cloth works just as well!
emalove emalove 9 years
I could have used this product last week when I sprouted a big zit on my chin...I wonder how it works...I would definitely try it if it wasn't so pricey. I don't break out often enough for me to justify spending that $$ on this.
McCubcakes McCubcakes 9 years
i too have this product. I've had it for about 3 months and while, just like other comments, it doesnt work for ALL pimples, it does help and as we all know, every little bit counts. Fewer pimples is fewer pimples. When you think about it, the price tag is equal to a nice pair of jeans, maybe two. I would think your skin is worth that price.
sioux5ita sioux5ita 9 years
i love zeno and i have found that it works most of the time for me as long as i catch the pimple in the beginning stage. i also find that using zeno helps stop me from obsessing over my pimple because whenever i have the urge to pop it, i use my zeno instead.
lotuslight lotuslight 9 years
I have one of these, and I have used it for a couple of years. I LOVE it. It doesn't work on all blemishes, but it can be a lifesaver for those big ones that would take forever to heal otherwise. My Mom even got one after seeing my results, and it works for her too. I also bought it on ebay and saved some money. I don't like the cost/pain of ordering replacement tips, but, I don't use it a ton, so it's not a big deal.
lovelylei lovelylei 9 years
I tried this too and it didn't work at all. =(
ur_momm ur_momm 9 years
Bella, I found a product for you to review for clearer skin. I just discovered it online today. I dont know if it's only in Canada (where i am) but it looks interesting and im considering trying it. still dont know how expensive though. It is called Perfect Skin by Genuine Health and it is an all natural pill. Has anyone heard of this or tried it??§ion=220
marcella marcella 9 years
This did not work for me. I don't have cystic acne, just a few (minor) pimples here and there. I followed the instructions exactly, but found that the device made my skin flare up even worse than if I would have just left it alone. With the 30-day money back guarantee, I'd advise that you try it for yourself. I'm glad I did because I know I'm not missing out on the miracle technology to clear skin!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
I've heard about is expensive but it is suppose to work pretty good!
Tari007 Tari007 9 years
Interesting...maybe I'll give it a try.
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Yeah, the price tag is definitely an off-putter. Don't get me wrong - I'd love to have it, but I'm not paying for it!
tati33 tati33 9 years
Wow! The price tag...With that I would rather go back on the pill to keep my crazy acne away ;)
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