Will you be watching Project Runway tonight? You know I will be. Last week, Jeanie Syfu, lead stylist for the TRÉSemme team, talked about what it's like to work on the show, and this week we're back with some pretty juicy details about a few designers who shall remain nameless. Read on!

What’s the craziest thing that has happened while you have been doing hair with Project Runway?
I would say consulting with the designers. Some of them are really difficult. Some of them had a really strong point of view: “I want the hair to do this and I want a bun on the side with texture.” But others were just very uninspired, and it was the same thing every time. And that’s not fun. You want to be creative, and you want to get excited about that garment.

Can you name names?
[Laughs]. I can't! But sometimes they would say things, and you would be like, What are they talking about? They’d use these crazy references, and you’re stressed out because you don’t have that much time. Of course, I want the hair to look as good as possible, but sometimes it was so difficult to understand what they wanted. And sometimes the models would go upstairs, put their garments on, and then come back down and they would have changed the hair! That was the most difficult. A few times the models had gone out on the runway without me even being able to fix it — or it was beyond fixable.

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That does not sound like fun at all.
It’s not! I want everything to look good, but sometimes they would get frustrated or have second thoughts about something or couldn’t just get their point across to me about what they wanted to see. Then the models would go out afterward, or they would come down and I wouldn’t have time to fix it or it wasn’t fixable because there was so much hairspray in it that I don’t know what they did up there, but I would just get a little frustrated you know?

Are there any hairstyles that you really that you thought worked perfectly with the designer’s vision and with what you wanted to do?
Well, my favorite designer to work with was Jerrell. He’s really flamboyant, and he has so many ideas! So every time he came downstairs, he just had this whole story that went with the garment. He had a very strong point of view, and every idea that he had, it was fun to kind of build on that. I had the most fun with his looks, definitely.

Are there any trends we should look forward to seeing during this season?
I did a lot of ponytails this season, which is kind of funny because that’s such a classic look. We did a lot of ponytails — every variation of a ponytail you can imagine — but somehow we made every single ponytail look different. The model and designer would come down, and they’d be like, “Oh, we want a ponytail.” And all of us would just roll our eyes, like, “Oh, come on, you know we can do this blindfolded!” But actually it pushed us to look outside the box and make a ponytail look different every single time — and I think we did that. Who knew there so many looks on a ponytail?