In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Pucci, the design house has just re-launched a 1966 fragrance called Vivara Eau de Parfum. This fun, light, and spirited scent is intended to stimulate your mind and your senses.

The fragrance features notes of galbanum, Italian bergamot, amaretto accord, Sambac jasmine, orange flower, narcissus flower, vetiver, iris and patchouli.

The bottle in itself is also très chic. While the bottom houses a vibrant and feminine green-colored fragrance, the glass cap contains the same Vivara print that has been made famous from countless clothing items and accessories over the decades. (It's even been the print on a sail of a boat!)

The Vivara collection consists of a 2.5 ounce eau de parfum ($110), a 1.7 ounce Eau de Parfum ($85), a 6.7 ounce body cream ($80) and a 6.7 oz body mousse ($80).