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RSVP "Yes" to Summer by entering our giveaway where you can win your own Havaianas flip flops! One grand prize winner will win the Summer Havaianas Wardrobe, which includes one pair of the Golden Sun Summer flip flops and one pair of the Limited Edition Silver Slim Crystal Metalisse flip flops. The two runner-ups will each receive one pair of their very own Marine Blue Top Havaianas flip flops. Three winners in all! Summer doesn’t get better than this!

Leave a comment on how you will incorporate flip flops into your favorite Summer style to be entered to win!

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PopPoppyy PopPoppyy 7 years
I wear them every time i get out of my house since im forbidden to wear them in my house . They totally look good with my feets (: I dont care how i wear my tops and bottoms but havaianas flip flop is a must have on my feet . Its very comfy and its collectable (;
hofken hofken 7 years
Flip flops ARE summer in Tucson. I get all sorts of colors and patterns and wear them everywhere. I make sue that my toes are polished and my heels are smooth and they take me from June through September. Thanks for the great giveaway!
veside veside 7 years
Long dress, long necklace, big hat, flip flops, the beach, drink in hand, sunset.
blossy blossy 7 years
i'm a summer convert ... i used to hide away in closed shoes all summer, this year i wanna get that perfect pedi and this would be a great way to start! i've heard great things about havaianas so i'd love to give them a whirl! great contest ... thanks for offering it to us! i'm new to the site and love it here already!
helenlam helenlam 7 years
Love flip flops!
jettingwaldo jettingwaldo 7 years
As a californian girl it is no brainer to be wearing flip flops biking around the block since our weather is practically Summer all year round. I also travel a lot so,wearing Havaianas flip flop makes my life so much easier going through security at the airport . I love them!
okieway okieway 7 years
Summer is flip flops and jeans shorts!
sophiesmama sophiesmama 7 years
I wear flip flops with almost everything and especialy like to wear them with long and short summer dresses or with shorts. Havaianas are the best flip flops ever - super comfy and cute.
hisoka27 hisoka27 7 years
I live in Southern CA, so that basically means most people wear flip-flops year round. I know of a girl who wore flips flops even when she went to Big Bear! But I'd wear them with any outfit except something like a formal or business setting cause that would not only look pretty weird but I'm pretty sure you'd offend somebody.
matzsmith matzsmith 7 years
I like to match my flip flops with my shorts. One in every color, lots of different adornments and variations.
jamie-ferrari jamie-ferrari 7 years
I will RSVP to Havaianas every day of the week, one color for each day of course. I love them. I find flip flops super cute and comfortable. I wear them daily and with any outfit. I love the gold sun Havaianas but don't have them yet. My daughter and I now wear the same shoe size and enjoy swapping flip flops during summer months. We live where it's summer for many months and we make the most of summer by collecting flip flops. This year we've already broken a pair we've had and loved last summer. It's time for a flip flop shopping trip to a city 100 miles away, one of our favorite boutiques carries Havaianas in so many colors that it's difficult to decide. Next time gold for me. Thanks for the great giveaway. I hope everyone has a healthy, happy and safe summer. XO
vivi vivi 7 years
As a Brazilian born and raised, my mom had the tradition of gifting us every year with a pair of Havaianas at Christmas to celebrate the New Years, and Summer (Summer in Brazil starts in the end of the year). So this marvelous flip flops, or "chinelinhos" as my mom used to refer to them in portuguese, are more than just a pair of shoes. Its a celebration of love, life, birth, care and happiness. Since i left my parents house, i still kept the tradition, with the added benefit of the current amazing colors and designs, essential to any summer wardrobe. Would be a great honor, this year, after an extremely long winter, to be gifted with a fantastic, memorable pair.
kristafree01 kristafree01 7 years
I would totally pair those flip flops with my fav pair of shorts or skinny jeans and a pretty top. I love walking around in central park with flip flops, my camera, and a good book. Flip flops are a huge part of a NYC girls summer fashion!
waxtil waxtil 7 years
They are worn year round in South Texas where I grew up. I wear them with just about everything and have nicer flips for nicer outfits and more basic flips for casual outfits.
Bigsmiles Bigsmiles 7 years
Oh how i want them!! lol, i'm a coast girl no way i can live with out my flippity flops. lol. I still have yet to complete my flip flop rainbow. =[ but close. =}
nanja nanja 7 years
My summer staple is flipflops, capris and tank tops
stef42678 stef42678 7 years
I absolutely love flip flops, especially in the summer. My favorite way to wear them is at the pool with my summer bikini, a sundress and flip flops to match. I would love to win!
akseymour akseymour 7 years
I wear flip flops with just about everything in the summer. If I could figure out how to make them work appropriate (my office is pretty formal), I'd wear them to work too.
icefairy icefairy 7 years
I love wearing flipflops. They go well with all my summer dresses and shorts.
chidley chidley 7 years
Flip Flops are the ultimate summer sandal. You can dress them up and wear them casually. They are so versatile and make summer toes stand out.
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