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Rachel Zoe's Makeup Artist Shares His Makeup Tips

Rachel Zoe's Makeup Artist Dishes His Top Beauty Tips

Rachel Zoe always has a bunch of gems on her Twitter account, such as tweeting about her beauty obsessions. Last night she even shared a humorous picture of her post-Golden Globes mane. Today, she's sharing an interview with her makeup artist, Joey Maalouf, and his brother Elie Maalouf, who just founded a new cosmetics line called Maalouf Beauty. To see these siblings' top makeup tips from Rachel's chat with the duo, just keep reading.

On their favorite trend for Spring:
Joey: "Think outside the box. A touch of clear lip gloss on the eyelids will make anyone sexy."
Elie: "Black liquid liner is always a spring runway hit, à la Brigitte Bardot."

On the top one or two makeup picks they'd recommend for a night out:
Joey: "Invisible powder, to be sure your skin always looks fresh and flawless."
Elie: "Clear lip gloss. If your makeup is done correctly, it's all you need."

On their advice to any budding makeup artist:
Elie: "Instincts to me are major! I allow the person's face and energy to direct my talent. With that in mind, I approach every face in a different way. Just like a tailor would approach each hem for your height. I tailor my talent to find the most gorgeous version of a woman's face. With this approach, you will have your clients excited for what you'll make them look like next."
Joey: "Be yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes . . . that is how your makeup will come into its own. Makeup is like designing a dress: it's all about proportion and balance."

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ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 5 years
Rachel has always been thin. It's just her body type. She is small boned and not tall, either. She is 5'0 tall and weighs 110 or less. So yeah, she's small. I bet the Olsen twins weigh the same. Jennifer Aniston has always been thin, and she's more athletic than skinny.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 6 years
Though I like his personality on the program, these are not so much "tips" as they are plugs for the few items in his essentials cosmetic line. Which kinda irks me.
junebrug junebrug 6 years
I really dislike this woman. As I understand it, Rachel Zoe invented the -you must be a size 0 to be attractive- mania the world is still in the grips off. I have heard Jennifer Aniston was the first celebrity she converted into starvation and the rest of the actresses and models of the world followed suit, but I don't know that for certain. Some time ago, the LA Times said she was“single-handedly bringing anorexia back”. In her pic, she does not have the skin of a 30-something woman. She looks unhealthy and twice her age with sagging skin that a few pounds might have helped. Hollywood can do what they want, but when I think of the influence on teen girls, it's upsetting. I know Sugar can't rely on rumors and innuendo but I do think it doesn't hurt to look into these things before showing her as a role model.
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