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Rachel Zoe Tweets About Her New Nail Polish Obsession...and More!

The great thing about Twitter is that it gives us all a unique accessibility to celebrities. Take Dita Von Teese, for instance, who shared her favorite beauty items, from nail polish shades to lipstick to her bargain-buy foundation. Also known for her tweeting skills? Rachel Zoe, who brought us her warm-weathered nail polish pick in July. Since I'm a fan of the stylist's quirky personality and impeccable taste, I thought I'd give her Twitter page a look-see to discover what beauty items she's been using as of late — and just to make sure that she's not literally dying. To find out what bodycare items and nail polish shades she's been going bananas for, just read more.

  • On her latest polish fixation: "Obsessed with the new Jade color from Chanel (obvi)," she says. I'm loving it, too.
  • On what polishes she wears on the show: "Usually Chanel Vamp or Essie's Bubble Bath."
  • On hair: "Powder your hair," says Rachel, directing us to her GOOP-style website, where she recommends The All Nighter Styling Powder ($18). "This magic dust is the best way to soak up dirt, build volume and add a satiny texture to your hair without shampooing. I am addicted," she adds.
  • On one of her favorite body products: "Well-oiled machine," she states, again directing us to her lifestyle site, where she sings the praises of Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil ($30-40). "Whether I am home in LA or traveling through the midst of Fashion Week madness, I look to this delicate oil to give my skin a radiant, never-greasy sheen," she dishes.
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jkat jkat 7 years
After watching the show, I am quite confident this woman does not know what the word "literally" means, though it is one of her worst verbal ticks. "I literally died..." ... Oh, if only...
Susanna Susanna 7 years
it's OPI bubble bath, rachel got them mixed up. they're actually 2 versions of bubble bath. the older one was more white, slightly creamy pink and a unique color. the new version is distinctly pinker. essie limo-scene is fairly close to the old bubble bath color.
taylvs3 taylvs3 7 years
does essie have bubble bath as well? i have opi's though. essie ballet slippers is pretty similar. any nail guru want to weigh in?
snarkypants snarkypants 7 years
vamp is my all-time favorite color! it's my go-to when i can't decide!
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