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Smell the Rainbow: Fragrances Across the Spectrum

Skittles and Lucky Charms must have too much influence on me, because whenever I see a rainbow, I just want to eat it like hard candy. Mmmmm, rainbow Jolly Rancher. But besides my pop cultural conditioning, I think that a rainbow's appeal lies in its very immateriality — rainbows are pure color, ethereal entities composed of some of nature's juiciest hues. That also may be why I love colorful fragrances. They're like little bottled bits of rainbow that you can consume with a spritz. The scent, while less fleeting than a rainbow, changes and eventually fades as well, and there's a rare beauty in that. It's a moment of joy we all need once in a while, so even if there's no naturally occurring atmospheric phenomenon outside your window right now, I put these scents together to brighten your day.

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