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101 Real Girls Who Dare to Rock Rainbow Hair

May 26 2016 - 2:00am

If you thought that only celebrities can rock rainbow hair [1], think again. There's no reason to resign yourself to a normal coif — you don't need a glam squad to achieve wildly vivid waves or colorful curls. We did some digging online and found these girls (most of whom do their own dye jobs!) with some seriously enviable strands. Even if you're not interested in turning up the drama on your hair game, you'll fall in love with these amazing looks. Read on to see the best bright hair of the Internet, and don't blame us if you end up dyeing your hair purple.


Rainbow Glam

Turquoise Thrill

Psychedelic Plait

Angelic Pink

Purple-Gray Haze

Mint Madness

Punky Pinup

Rainbow Gradient

Green Giant

Girl on Fire

Flawless Fade


Green and Cobalt Curls

Wild Waterfall

Red and Blue Twist-Out

Purple Passion

Sage Waves

Mint Mania

Fuchsia and Freckles

Pink Perfection

Pastel Pony

Salmon Mohawk

Technicolor Confection

Radiant Orchid

Teal Appeal

Gangster Grays

Moody Maroon

Blue Raspberry Braid

Royal Purple Ringlets

Punky Pink and Green

Saucy Strawberry

Green With Envy

Burgundy Bob

Cupcake Coif

Pretty in Pink

Classy and Colorful

Minty Mane

Wild Widow's Peak

Denim Dye Job

Pretty Pastels

Revved-Up Rainbow

Strawberry Spirals

Sunset Strands

Seriously Brilliant

Source: Instagram user ibleedpink [5]

Rainbow Ringlets

Source: Instagram user myrahasson [6]

Vintage Violet

Source: Instagram user laurengormal [7]

Sunny Strands

Source: Instagram user larayia [8]

Multicolored Mohawk

Source: Instagram user sweetpinkok [9]

Trippy Tips

Source: Instagram user princessxsparkles [10]

Blushing Brows

Source: Instagram user kashbarb [11]

Retro Rainbow

Source: Instagram user nattypotterr [12]

Pretty Poodle Curls

Source: Instagram user blairangela [13]

Colorful Corkscrews

Source: Instagram user chelsymayxo [14]

Fruit-Striped Strands

Source: Instagram user isabel_hendrix [15]

Punky Pastels

Source: Instagram user evltwn_fashionobsessed [16]

Rockin' Royal Purple

Source: Instagram user trippytrishie122 [17]

Striking Sombré

Source: Instagram user lizzkitty [18]

Terrific Teal

Source: Instagram user thekcjones [19]

Purple Pixie

Source: Instagram user lysseon [20]

Crimped Cyan

Source: Instagram user misslate4tea [21]

Silver Spirals

Source: Instagram user nuvia.magdahi [22]

Dazzling Dreadlocks

Source: Instagram brandizito [23]

Pastel Princess

Source: Instagram user madmcfar [24]

Fuchsia 'Fro

Source: Reddit user morgandonor [25]

Eye-Popping Pink

Source: Reddit user starrbunnyy [26]

Flawless Fade

Source: Reddit user notaprodigy [27]

Tapered Teal

Source: Reddit user ohsweetjesusmytits [28]

Punchy Purple

Source: Reddit user abcdefy [29]

Raspberry Ringlets

Source: Reddit user elizanonymous [30]

Purple Haze

Source: Reddit user plantpredator [31]

Smurf Style

Source: Reddit user vahyna [32]

Moody Blues (and Greens and Purples)

Source: Reddit user thequeenoflimbs [33]

Candied Crop

Source: Reddit user Count_Olaf [34]

It's Easy Being Green

Source: Reddit user clearysh [35]

Girl on Fire

Source: Reddit user believemeornot [36]

Purple Allure

Source: Reddit user vahnya [37]

Unicorns Would Be Jealous

Source: Reddit user kateinapie [38]

Mermaid Hair (and Brows!)

Source: Reddit user vahnya [39]


Source: Reddit user bonjourdan [40]

Wild Rose Waves

Source: Reddit user rebop544 [41]

Lisa Frank Locks

Source: Reddit user octopuscake [42]

Punky Princess Curls

Source: Reddit user mirandabell [43]

It's Electric

Source: Reddit user terping [44]

Aquatic Curls

Source: Reddit user icedthea- [45]

Pastel Perfection

Source: Reddit user robynfailz [46]

Brilliant Blowout

Source: Reddit user audrakay [47]

Iridescent Envy

Source: Reddit user Scizzorr_hands [48]

Silver Fox

Source: Reddit user Sssamanthaa [49]

Pinup in Pink

Source: Reddit user Ifeltlikegiants [50]

Cotton Candy Curls

Source: Reddit user kadijahxx [51]

Rainbow Ombré

Source: Reddit user iamdisillusioned [52]

Red Haute

Source: Reddit user caserole [53]

Tie-Dye Tresses

Source: Reddit user metapy [54]

Anime-esque Hair Art

Source: Reddit user brofle [55]

Loud Colors and Proud

Source: Reddit user kchap188 [56]

PopSugar Chic!

Source: Instagram user kirbiejohnson [57]

Autumn Awesomeness

Source: Reddit user Heather_red [58]

Does It Glow in the Dark?

Source: Reddit user catysue [59]

Seussical Strands

Source: Reddit user lilaregenbogen [60]

The Most Fashionable 4-Year-Old Ever

Source: Reddit user leatheryhamster [61]

You'll Only Get Cooler as You Age

Source: Reddit user WoopAhhh [62]

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