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Rainbow Hair and Social Media

How 1 Stylist's Rainbow Hair Selfie Exposes the Problem With Social Media

When it comes to creating mesmerizing rainbow hair, stylist Ursula Goff is one of the best. The Kansas-based colorist crafts vibrant manes that a unicorn would envy, and her skill recently made her go viral on Facebook — but not for the reason you'd think.

Goff shared these two selfies featuring her own vivid strands. The pictures are unedited (though taken several days apart), and she pointed out how lighting, angles, makeup, and facial expressions make a huge difference between the images. Goff posted these photos in an attempt to reveal the truth (and reality) behind social media.

"Social media can make it easy to feel like everyone else is awesome and perfect all the time, but that's really never true," she explained on her Facebook page. ". . . behind every pretty face or perfect lifestyle is a regular person, and that there's really no point in comparing amongst ourselves because this is all cultivated. The best way to be happy with yourself is to cultivate YOURSELF, vs. cultivating an IMAGE, or comparing yourself to everyone else."

In today's world, it can be difficult to avoid the feelings of inadequacy that social media can cause. Goff's powerful statement is an important reminder to forget about creating a persona or brand, but to focus on being yourself.

Her post wasn't the only one to go viral this year. Social media star Essena O'Neill made headlines around the world when she quit Instagram and exposed the truth behind each of her popular photos. Beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials also triggered an empowerment revolution when she (and her fans) revealed the power of makeup, showing off their half-finished beauty looks. Read on to read Goff's entire Facebook post.

So I didn't edit either one of these photos, but they were taken just a few days apart. I think it's important to note...

Posted by Ursula Goff on Tuesday, December 8, 2015
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