Inevitably I get confused when it comes to buying razors and period products. There's just too much variety, and I wind up roaming the aisle like a confused, premenstrual, hairy zombie. Eventually I just grab a package that looks vaguely like what I have at home, and if I can't remember what's at home, I get sucked in by the cheapest deal. It is an imprecise science at best.

Last Sunday, after looking around desperately for a Venus razor, I wound up buying Bic Soleil Citron razors because of a special deal that appealed to the cheapskate within: 4 + 2 Bonus En Prime! I like French things, so why not get the razors that come with two more for free, right? Problem was, when I got home, I noticed that the razors are lemon-scented. (Ugh. How do you say, "These don't smell so good" in French?)

As far as their hair-removing capabilities are concerned, these razors work well enough. Compared to the Bics of yesteryear, they shave closely, but not as well as the Venus. Still, despite the good quality for the price, I won't buy them again. While the fake lemon scent isn't overpowering, it's completely superfluous. Who in her right minds sniffs her razor? And why introduce even more smells and chemicals into your grooming routine if you don't need to?