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From Ricci's Makeover to Teen Botox: What Had You Talking

This week, a certain star got a makeover, teen Botox was back in the news, and a pageant winner lost her crown because she got a little happy with the hair dye. As always, you had lots of insightful and witty things to say. Let's get started:

Lots and lots of love for Christiana Ricci's new hairstyle:

  • "Prefer it over the previous darker, longer Addams Family look." — emo_stacer
  • "Totally warms up her face." — Katinedinburg
  • "Much better, and way hot!" — juicebox07

To see the rest of the best, just keep reading.

What you thought about P&G's move toward greener packaging:

  • "Now, if they can just reduce the amount of packing they use. Seriously, you go through about 17 pounds of plastic and twelve layers of security before you can get to a freakin' jar of Olay moisturizer. It's redonk." — Anonymous
  • "While greener packaging is better, this news regarding P&G does not mean much to me since the product's formula will still contain harmful ingredients." — leeluvfashion
  • "I'm glad that we are making progress towards a greener world, especially making progress in the beauty industry." — barrelbi

Teen Botox is back in the news and here's what you had to say about it:

  • "I do think the more cosmetic work you have done, the more work it's going to take to maintain that work. At this rate they'll need a facelift before 30." — Pistil
  • "I am a teenager and it's sad to see all these girls think they need Botox and surgery. It's sad how getting Botox or plastic surgery at a young age is becoming more normal than having imperfections." — sooohkay

Your feelings on the teen queen who lost her crown after coloring her hair:

  • "As crazy as it sounds, if it's against pageant rules, I see nothing wrong with them taking her crown away for that reason." —
  • "They have fake tans, tons of makeup on, but changing their hair color is not OK?" — Rjs baby girl
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