What had you talking this week? Let's see . . . from playing beauty shop at home to Emma Watson's new cut to Katy Perry's quote on not feeling so pretty, your comments were witty, insightful, and just plain great to read. Check out a few favorites below:

Most of you were loving Emma's new crop:

  • "Many women are made to think that without the aid of 'long and luxurious hair,' they can't be beautiful. It is probably liberating to her because she is able to see that she can still be a strong, gorgeous woman without it."— hejacki3oh
  • "It pained me to say 'hate it.' I love Emma and I have short hair, but to my ears. I don't love the gamine look on her." — runswimmerrun
  • "She has the facial structure to pull this off so more power to her. On to more important things — like does this mean they have wrapped the final Harry Potter movie?" — kastarte2 (Editor's note: Yep.)

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You speak up on cutting your locks at home:

  • "I used to spend $60-$200 on haircuts, and when I had the money, didn't think twice about it. But I recently quit my job to pursue something more creative, and since I'm on a budget, complicated layers cut by the top names in the biz have given way to simple (slightly crooked) bobs I give myself. Let me tell you: no one really notices." — Anonymous
  • "I try layers and silly things like that and I always end up slightly horrified and annoyed at myself. But I can't help trying. Oh well. Hair grows back." — dinghy

Katy Perry saying she never feels pretty sparked lots of talk:

  • "She's had problems with acne. While I've generally been pretty blessed in the skin department, I had a terrible bout of deep, painful acne when I was a teenager, and I can understand why someone with skin issues would feel so insecure without all that makeup." — Silent Vamp
  • "For someone who feels so badly about herself, she sure doesn't seem insecure enough not to pose nude and wear revealing clothing. I think Katy is gorgeous, but I also think her comment is a bunch of crap." — postmodernsleaze

And finally, most of you were not feeling the Khloe/Lamar fragrance announcement:

  • "Really need a 'hell no' option here." — stephley

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