I have been known to tease loved ones about their use of granny perfumes, since, right out of the bottle at least, I can't imagine wearing most of them. So this review of Philosophy Field of Flowers Shower Gel ($16) was really interesting. Reader hippiecowgirl says:

"I found this product in my mom's bathroom when I was visiting and decided to check it out. When I took a sniff from the bottle, I thought it smelled like old-lady perfume and teased my mom mercilessly for liking it. About a week later, I actually gave it a try. My opinion immediately did a 180. The smell turns fresh and floral when used in the shower, not perfumey at all the way I expected. It lathers nicely, as is customary for Philosophy shower gels, and I love the consistency. Not only did I use it as a shower gel, but also as a shaving gel. My skin felt soft afterward with just a hint of fragrance."

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