Whoops, it's already that time of year again — the holiday products are emerging in all their spicy, cinnamony, nutmegy goodness. This year Philosophy's offering Old Fashioned Eggnog Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath ($16), and while I'm still waiting for a special Hanukkah sufganiyah shampoo or something, eggnog is pretty delish as well. Superstar reviewer stef42678 can't get enough of the 'nog, either, and says:

"I love this scent for a holiday product. I use this as a gift, and something for myself, because the formula is great as a shampoo and body wash. The liquid is pure eggnog indulgence, and it really makes your skin soft and your hair nice. It lathers up well, rinses clean, and leaves a great scent."

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