In a parallel universe, GiggleSugar and I would switch places. I laugh at fart videos now and then, and she's really into beauty products. So when she offered to review Clean & Clear's Soft skin care ($6.99–$8.49), how could I say no? I'll let her take it from here:

Not everyone can afford to get a facial or go to a spa, so it's nice to see that Clean & Clear has come out with Soft, a version of their anti-acne line that democratizes luxury skin care. The Soft line, which includes: Steam, an
in-shower facial; Scrub, a gentle exfoliator; and two lotions, Day and Night, promises to make your skin, well, soft, with high-end ingredients like white tea and fruit acids.

Of the three products Bella let me try (Day, Steam, and Scrub), I particularly liked Day, the oil-free moisturizer with white tea and natural fruit acids, and Steam, which is a facial with fruit acids you can leave on for one minute while in the shower. I didn't dislike Scrub, but I like exfoliators that have lots of fine grains, and like many drugstore versions, Scrub's grains were average-sized and more dispersed than I prefer.

To find out what Giggle loved (and didn't love) about the line,


When I tried out Steam, I was indeed in the shower (although I doubt this is a hard and fast rule). I loved the clean, perfumey scent, and within seconds of applying the granular cream, my skin began to tingle, in a good, minty way. The instructions suggest for you not to massage it in when applying, but rather to wait until right before you rinse it off. I did this backwards, but the results, I'm sure, weren't affected: my dry, rough skin felt noticeably softer after I rinsed it off, the result you would get from a more expensive mild glycolic acid peel. The Daily Moisturizer had the same, clean scent, and left my skin soft and moisturized but oil-free.

The only drawbacks these products may have for people are their scent (nice but very strong) and the fact that the moisturizer has only SPF 15. I, for one, loved the scent (I have sensitive skin and these products didn't irritate it), and I would wear the moisturizer on my way to the bus rather than before a long day at the beach. All in all, I would use this again and
recommend them.