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Reader Review: Kiehl's Epidermal Retexurizing Microdermabrasion

Reader Review: Kiehl's Epidermal Retexurizing Microdermabrasion

Reader missy k is obsessed with finding a microdermabrasion treatment that will make skin, as she puts it, "as smooth as a shiny new egg." I was excited to hear about her experience with Kiehl's Re-Texturizing Microdermabrasion ($40). I'll turn it over to her for the full scoop:

Formulated with "diatomatious earth," which is apparently made from "crushed microshells derived from ocean sand," as well as aluminum oxide crystals (the stuff used by dermatologists to perform real microdermabrasion treatments). Over time, it tells me, it will reduce lines, refine texture, diminish pores, and instantly impart miraculous softness. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.

To see what missy k thought of the product,


I savagely tore open the sachet with my teeth, ready to be unimpressed. However when I rinsed after just one minute of massaging it into damp skin, my face looked noticeably brighter and felt dreamily smooth. I kept stroking my newly velvety skin. When my boyfriend grudgingly obeyed my order to "feel it!" even he had to admit my cheeks were as soft as the proverbial baby’s bottom (in fact, he stole the rest of the precious sachet for himself!) My moisturizer glided on smoothly afterwards and seemed to be absorbed rapidly, leaving my skin feeling feeling plump and delicious. Wow. I’m in love!

I've tried this treatment before, and I am also a huge fan. My skin was ridiculously smooth without the use of a more expensive contraption. The price is a little steep, which is why Missy K gave it 4 stars rather than 5. Share your stories in Beauty Product Junkies, and maybe I'll post yours here, too!

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