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Reader Review: MAC Brow Set

The other day, Fab came over and started waving a tube of brow gel in my face. "Have you tried this?" she asked. "It is the best." Since I hadn't, I asked her if she'd share a review with you. Since she's a sweetie, she agreed to. So, take it away, Fab:

"My eyebrow prayers have been answered. Here's how. . .

"I never had a lot of brow to begin with. I covet the thick, dramatic brows of Jennifer Connelly, Angie Harmon and, of course, Audrey Hepburn. Like all adolescent girls, I took a tweezer to my brows at a too-early age. I quickly learned that thin brows didn't work for my face, and now I am in a happy brow place, sort of.

"My brows don't have natural lushness and for photo ops and evening I use a kit to plump them up. But for everyday, I let them be their usual uninteresting selves. And so, I found M·A·C Brow Set ($13.50) and I've had fiercer brows ever since. The awesome thing is it doubles as a brow gel so I don't have to use a separate product for that. I just lightly glide it on with its round mascara brush and Q-Tip away any unnecessary brow gel. It comes in six colors; I use Beguile (pictured) for my dark brown brows. Great price, great brows."

I should add that Fab really does have great brows, and from looking at them, I never would have guessed that she uses any product at all. Fab tested, Bella approved.

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