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Reader Review: NelsonJ Brazilian Hair Masque

My buddy Nancita has the prettiest chestnut-brown hair, all tumbling waves and shine. And now that I've found the secret to its beauty, I've asked her to share it with all of you. Take it away, Nancita:

"The longer my hair gets, the more I need deep conditioners. I used to think of these products as an unnecessary expense, but I've since learned that conditioning treatments really keep my hair looking healthy, rather than ratty, between haircuts. (Like most long-haired gals, I tend to go a while between trims.) My new obsession is NelsonJ Brazilian Hair Masque ($18-54), a subtly fruity and satiny conditioner that works wonders in just five minutes.

The first time I used this stuff, I was astounded: It smooths my split ends and makes my naturally wavy hair dry just the way it's supposed to. I thought maybe I was imagining the too-good-to-be-true results, until my friend said, post-conditioning, "Wow, your hair looks great today! So curly!" For the rest of my raves,


This conditioner was concocted by Beverly Hills hairstylist Nelson Chan using oil from the very trendy açai berry. I have no idea if the antioxidant powers translate to conditioner, but the rainforest fruit does give this creamy potion a clean, tropical scent. I also love that this deep condition works in the time it takes to shave my legs. You can also use it as a leave-in mask to protect hair from chlorine and salt water, though I have yet to try that.

But as a twice-a-week treatment, I can't imagine anything better suited to my hair. One day I'll think "I really need a haircut," and then I'll use this stuff and my hair will look and feel smooth and nourished again. Plus, nothing else allows my hair to air dry into such perfectly polished curls. My only complaint is that it doesn't disperse that well, so I probably end up using more than I should. But even if I plow through a jar a month, it's probably worth it."

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