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In the Lip of Luxury: The Priciest Balms

I wear cheap lip balm. There, I said it. It's not that I don't wear pricier lip stuff, too, it's just that I sort of buy lip balm whenever I see it, so that at any given time I've got 12-20 little sticks floating around somewhere, and most of those cost less than $4. This state of affairs, however, would definitely change were I to plunk down a pretty penny for my lip-quenching needs. And it seems that lip balm is getting more expensive — very much so. I was shocked to see just how highly priced some of the products on the market have become, so I put together some of the most decadent ones out there to show you all. What do you think? Would you ever think of buying a $70 lip balm?

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Allytta Allytta 7 years
The priciest I tried was Swedish Lumene. But that's it, I use The Body Shop now and see no difference between it or plain chopstick :) or the most expensive stuff. My lips are too young to show any difference. My mum though knows and feels it - she needs the expensive stuff and pack it on, otherwise her lips dry out.
lleux lleux 7 years
agree with leeluvfashion...natural lip balms are the most widely available non-toxic makeup products that are actually GOOD and work, so why bother buying something made from carcinogenic chemicals? Also, why do people like La Mer so much if it's just petroleum oil? ugh.
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 7 years
Not that I dislike "luxury" products, however I care more about the product being made from 100% natural/non-toxic ingredients than I do about how much of a luxury the item is. So if I happened to have some extra cash and found a fab luxurious, natural lip balm, I'd go for it. (Though I do like small prices, like balms from Badger; cheap and works!)
qtpie qtpie 7 years
No way! I love my Nivea lip balms
oni1 oni1 7 years
i can't see myself paying over $20
mguy414 mguy414 7 years
Heck no!!! I am strictly a Chapstick sort of girl! I mean, maybe I would get a better lip balm if I had super chapped/dry lips or something, but Chapstick does the job for me. Plus I can't stand putting it on my finger, then putting it on my lips, I like a tube! SoftLips makes my lips burn, does it do that for anyone else?
emalove emalove 7 years
$70?! No way! I like my Burt's Bees or SoftLips balms.
risqueredhead risqueredhead 7 years
no thanks... My Nivea lip balm works just fine, and most of the time I lose my lip balms or they go through the laundry.
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 7 years
I have the Lipscription set, but generally, I'm also of the cheap lip balm camp... for something so easily and frequently lost, I just can't justify shelling out big bucks.
Le_silla Le_silla 7 years
i use dior lip balm its so good, not 70 dollars but expensive enough for me
mallorycurtis mallorycurtis 7 years
i'll stick with my burt's bees or smith's rosebud salve thank you!
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