Welcome to the last installment of my three-part series on face oils. I hope you've learned a little bit about how important it is to keep your skin hydrated, nourished, and balanced. Hopefully, after reading about some of these products, you've conquered your fear of applying oil to your face. If I've left any of your favorites out, please let me know what they are!

Trilogy Rosehip Oil ($20) is what this company believes may be the answer to perfect skin. I haven't tried it, but I am certainly intrigued. It is believed that rosehip contains the nutrients and essential fatty acids necessary for great skin health. It's great for those with normal, dry, mature, sun-damaged, and sensitive skin since it also smooths away fine lines and restores the skin’s moisture balance.

For two more rebalancing and rejuvenating facial oils,

Vaishaly Night Nourisher (£65, about $125) is one of the lightest and best-smelling products I've ever tried. Made from organic ingredients, it is best suited for those with dry skin on the surface and combination to oily skin underneath. It contains high levels of lemon, bergamot, orange, petitgrain, and coriander, which are known to balance the skin.

In addition, it helps regulate oil production, decongest skin, calm irritation, and restore elasticity and skin tone. All products are available online and can be shipped to the US.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Comforting Concentrate ($63.50) is best suited for those with normal to sensitive skin. All you need to do is apply a few drops to your fingertips, rub them together, and massage into your face and neck in the morning and night. This fragrant dry oil helps restore suppleness, softness, and moisture to your skin.