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Rebecca Minkoff Designs Nivea Lip Balm

Rebecca Minkoff's Latest Design Is For Nivea

The latest design project for Rebecca Minkoff is accessible, affordable, and moisturizing. The fashion designer has teamed up with Nivea for its second Style, Uncapped campaign. She translated one of her runway designs into a limited-edition cap for the bestselling Nivea lip balms. The original print was inspired by a vintage bandanna with bohemian flair, and now it's available in three different colors — teal, blue, and red. Last year, Nivea partnered with Charlotte Ronson on a similar campaign, but this time you can actually purchase the designer label. You can buy Minkoff's designed cap to go over any of your favorite Nivea formulas, including her pick, A Kiss of Moisture (in the dark blue cap). When it comes to makeup and skin care, Minkoff admits her routine is pretty basic. "I use June Jacobs for the face because I like an all-organic, dewy look," she said. "Then I wash with Clean & Clear. That has been my dynamic duo, and I don't switch it up." And her makeup routine is equally unassuming with mascara as her daily staple.

In an expansion of the Style, Uncapped program, you can now create your own cap and purchase as party favors or bridal gifts. There are over 400 designs to choose from, and you can customize the labels with colors and text, too. Visit the Style, Uncapped site to see all the latest designs, create your own, or buy Minkoff's print. One lip balm goes for $6, but if you buy five it goes down to $5 per tube, and if you buy 20 or more the price is $4 per tube. So it's better to buy in bulk, and shipping is always free. Time to stock up on your own personalized stash of lip balm.

Image Source: Billy Farrell Agency
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