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The Recession Is Closing Many African-American Salons

Are African-American Salons in Danger?

The recession has adversely affected salons across the US, but it's been disproportionally hard on small, locally-owned salons that cater to African-Americans. Apparently, with clients going longer and longer between appointments to save money and the popularity of formerly profitable treatments like relaxers on the wane, hundreds of shops have been forced to shutter. Their stylists then head to larger salons, often corporate owned.

It's already bad to have locally-owned businesses closing, but salons can be community anchors, and their loss is deeper than simply no longer having a neighborhood beauty parlor. Hopefully, the closings will finally get large salons to actively hire stylists who can work with very curly hair. But, being able to walk into your nearest salon and be sure that they can work with your hair no matter its texture still seems a long way off. What do you think the fallout from losing so many community salons will be, and do you think they'll make a comeback?

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