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Recession-Proof Hair Color Tips From Stylist Kevin Mancuso

Everybody is looking to save money these days, especially when it comes to pricey treatments such as hair color. But Nexxus Creative Director Kevin Mancuso, whose hairstyling mastery has appeared in magazines such as BlackBook, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Bazaar, has a few ideas for extending the life of your cut and color. I'll share a few of his tips over the next week — so read on to find out how to keep your hair looking its best while sticking to your budget.

To find out how to make your color last longer,


How can women maintain their color longer? Any tips or tricks to postpone the next expensive salon appointment?

Hair that has been color treated always requires special attention. Well-conditioned hair is essential for vibrant color but that alone won’t keep your hair from fading. The best way to maintain color longer is by using a color-preserving shampoo/conditioner with water protection. Many people think UV rays are mainly responsible for fading hair color, but water is the real culprit. Water penetrates the hair shaft causing it to expand. As a result, the hair cuticle is lifted slightly, making it easier for dye molecules to escape. Water can also cause dye molecules to break into smaller pieces, making them even easier to escape the shaft. The next time you’re in the shower, try using the new Nexxus Dualiste line to keep your hair both vibrant and beautiful. One side of the dual chamber is optimized for color protection, the other side for added moisture, anti-breakage or volume. It delivers 40% better color protection…you will be amazed with the results!

Come back tomorrow for more expert tips!

AndreaT AndreaT 8 years
i actually don't wash my hair at all (with regular shampoo anyway). i just cleanse my scalp with a non-foaming cleanser, the same stuff i use for my face. i would really suggest this to anyone, especially people with curly hair. the substance that causes the foaming in shampoo is literally the same chemical that causes laundry detergent to foam. it strips your scalp of oils and dries out your hair. i learned this at a curly-hair specialized salon i went to and i've never gone back to shampoo. at first my roots got slightly oily, but that's only because my scalp was still over-producing oils after having been used to getting dried out from shampoo. after a couple weeks it evened out, and now my hair looks fantastic, always. side benefit -- my color fades very little between appointments. another side benefit -- i save *loads* on hair care products . . . which i then spend on expensive highlight jobs : )
0danielle0 0danielle0 8 years
Color shampoo does help, but here are some actual "tips": .Wash your hair less frequently! Most women only need to wash their hair every 3-4 days. If you need to wash more often than that, try only using shampoo every other time you wash. .Go back to one color all over. Skip getting highlights for a while. That'll save you a bunch of time and money! :)
foudini foudini 8 years
zcoral, haha, you are totally right. These "expert" tips are always peppered with endorsements. The same goes for magazines. :D
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
I use some chocolate brunette shampoo stuff from the BigSexyHair line. It's fab.
zcoral zcoral 8 years
Ha, that's not advice, it's an endorsement of a product he will gain financially from. What a joke.
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
Great advice.
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