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Red Wine Beauty Products

12 Red Wine Beauty Products That Will Protect Your Skin

Red Wine Beauty Products

Whether you're powering through a dry January (kudos to you!) or already incorporating more wine into your 2018 diet, there are more ways than one to indulge in vino. Of course, drinking red wine regularly can make you all warm and fuzzy (or buzzy) on the inside. The color even makes for a really pretty hair trend. But applying it topically, using red-wine-infused skincare products, may be the most powerful way to partake.

The ingredient within the skin of red grapes, called resveratrol, is a potent antioxidant that can help ward off bacteria and keep UV radiation and free radicals from doing serious damage to skin. Essentially, it protects our skin's barrier function, which will keep skin looking younger and fresher, longer. Resveratrol can also boost cell turnover, which means more collagen, faster healing, and just better-looking skin. This batch of skin enhancers, infused with red wine extracts, is ready to help you kick off wine-o-clock, no matter what time of day it is.

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