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Redhead Facts

What Do You Know About Redheads?

As Lucy could tell you, red is the rarest, and perhaps most coveted, hair color (so much so that Ms. Ball dyed her naturally blond hair her now iconic shade of carrot). And for thousands of years, people have been coming up with stories about it. In the Middle Ages, for example, people with a certain shade of red hair were considered unmistakably vampires or werewolves, and early Renaissance alchemists believed the blood of a red-haired man was necessary to turn copper into gold (aren't we sorta glad we live in a post-alchemy world?). For every crazy superstition, ginger stereotype, or story about a fiery temper, though, there's an actual, interesting fact about red hair. Take my quiz and find out just how much you actually know about our flame-haired brethren.
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What Do You Know About Redheads?

What percentage of the human population has red hair?

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