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Redheads Set New Guinness World Record

Seeing Red: Gingers Set a New Guinness Record

From lightning-fast lipstick applications to the longest ear hair (yep, you read that right), when it comes to setting Guinness World Records, the topics at hand are practically limitless.

Adding to the latest entry of the book of extremes is the Seattle suburb of Sammamish, where those with a variation of the MC1R gene flocked over the weekend. The mission? To assemble the largest gathering of redheads in one location in efforts to beat the record of 250. Dyed hair was not allowed. With 901 natural redheads in attendance, and entrants coming from as far as Arizona and Minnesota, the record-busting efforts were a success. Love beauty Guinness tidbits as much as we do? Take our quiz to find out more about records from the beauty world.

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True, creative...and that number is shrinking. Adding also that not all the blondes in L.A. are naturally that way, but I think we all know that anonymous is just trying to get a rise out of anyone s/he can.
helloanya helloanya 6 years
To be fair, Anonymous, red haired people are only 2% of the population, which is a small percentage compared to blonde and brunette individuals.
kismekate kismekate 6 years
ahhh gingers! Southpark would have had a field day with this.
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