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Relaxation Awaits: Enter Dove Visibly Smooth's Spa Weekend Getaway

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Celebrity trainer Kacy Duke has been sharing her best vacation shape up tips all month long. Sugar readers discovered ways to enhance their fitness activities while on a stay-cation, tips to stay active during a destination vacation, and much more.

Even though Summer is coming to a close, vacation fun does not have to end. Dove® Visibly Smooth deodorant is giving you a chance to put your next vacation on the calendar! That’s right, you can enter for a chance to experience the life-enriching, soul-soothing, enduring effects of a spa weekend from Dove® Visibly Smooth deodorant.

To enter for a chance to win Dove® Visibly Smooth’s Spa Weekend Getaway, tell us why you deserve to win an unforgettable destination spa weekend for yourself and one equally deserving friend in the comments section below. Comment now, relaxation awaits you!

Also, check out Dove® Visibly Smooth deodorant here. It is a Summer fashion must-have that minimizes the look and feel of underarm hair over time with a unique formulation to help women feel stubble-free longer. Hello sleeveless sundress!

Click here for the official rules and prizing information. GOOD LUCK!

*Kacy Duke is a paid Dove deodorant spokesperson.Click Here

Januaryanna Januaryanna 6 years
I am a huge fan of Dove products! My deodorant and hair care lines are all Dove (my daughter gets confused because the body wash and conditioner look the same!). I would be absolutely delighted if Dove were to send me and my husband to the spa for the weekend! We have been dealing with a bitter custody dispute involving the kidnapping of our daughter. He is also looking for a new job and I am facing the possibility of unemployment because my current employer may be going under . . . and my current employer is family! We are stressed to the max and would love some time to relax and strengthen our commitment to each other.
stormvikki stormvikki 7 years
My stress level is so bad I am going to a physical therapist a couple of times a week. My arms have been going numb, the nerves in my spine are being pressed on due to the tightness in my shoulders. That is why I need to go - deperately.
2jawz 2jawz 7 years
These past three years have been very stressful for my husband and I. I haven't been able to find a steady job and my husband had been laid off half of the time from his construction job. As of a couple of months ago, he's the only one in our family who's working. He works with a lot of pain from a torn rotator cuff and a bad back and knee. We haven't been able to afford the proper medical care for him. We've used up all our 401K and are just about maxed out on our credit cards to pay bills on time. On top of that, our son started college last year. His college has been helping us, but we really can use some kind of a break from all this. Thanks!
lisa12272 lisa12272 7 years
I work year round with special education students whom are incarcerated. I listen daily to their stories of survival, as well as their families struggles. I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, I need to learn to de-stress. While most people are able to leave their work at the office, my job is 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. The holidays are coming up and for me this is the most stressful time in regards to my job. My best friend from college has realized that her once wonderful marriage has fallen apart and she is going through an extremely difficult divorce as the holidays arrive. I feel that we deserve this SPA Weekend getaway- we rely on each other for emotional support, yet we live 1000's of miles apart. This weekend getaway would allow us a chance to leave all of our worries at home and focus on ourselves for once.
jamie-ferrari jamie-ferrari 7 years
I would enjoy a spa weekend because I've never had one. I would share it with my daughter who has never been for relaxing weekend alone with her mother. A quiet weekend together being pampered would be a delightful dream come true. We've had manis and pedis together which was wonderful and truly relaxing. But an entire weekend of head to toe services would be like total bliss in Nirvana. XO
Trillian-Alice Trillian-Alice 7 years
I would love to win this spa trip because I am recuperating from thyroid cancer, which has been so difficult. Also, my daughter has been taking care of me while she takes care of her two children so she really needs a relaxing time just for herself. Thank you,
Bridey123 Bridey123 7 years
I don't think I deserve it anymore than anyone else to be perfectly honest. But I'd love to win all the same! I am getting married on 10/10/10 and it's been a pretty stressful process. A relaxing weekend getaway might be exactly what I need! :)
I would LOVE to win this spa retreat!! I was disabled on the job 10 years ago and I have suffered with a excruciating chronic disease (RSD OR NOW KNOWN AS CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME). Then also 2 yrs ago I was also diagnosed with Chiari Malformation (MY CEREBELEM IS GROWING PUSHING ON MY BRAIN STEM, AND A SYRINX (TUMOR) IN MY SPINE). I have suffered with CHRONIC PAIN for so long. It would be wonderful to have a get-away to getaway!! I am very lucky to have a wonderful, supportive family!! MY HUSBAND IS THE BEST = I COULDN'T EVEN ASK FOR ANYONE BETTER!! Unfortunately my poor husband could use a break too!! So I ask you to pick me for this wonderful Spa getaway!!
greendove greendove 7 years
As a very private person I will simply say that a spa weekend would be a much needed and appreciated respite.
taxchyk taxchyk 7 years
I'd love for my sister to win a spa weekend. She works full time and is always serving others, including her daughter and husband who both have major health challenges. She's always there for family and friends and I'd love for her to be able to recharge!
katygmorris katygmorris 7 years
My mom is very sick and in a full-nursing care facility. My brother and I have been working so hard to cover her finances, doctor's appointments and other day-to-day needs. We're so stressed but know we only want to do what's best for my mom. Please help us relax and bond on a fabulous vacation!
mocat46 mocat46 7 years
My sister and I are in desperate need of a spa weekend. She is about to go to China to adopt a child she has waited for four years to adopt and a hard working person. When she was growing up she had LegPerthes Disease which caused her left hip to deteriorate. I am a single mom who works at a college in rural in Nebraska. I am recovering from multiple myeloma cancer. We hardly get any time to spend together so I am nominating both of us for this extraordinary opportunity. We both use Dove products and appreciate this chance to win a spa weekend! Thanks
krystina417 krystina417 7 years
I'm not going to try and post a sob story. There are many people out there who have it 100 times worse off than me. Saying that, I think I am in need of a spa weekend because I am a working mom with 2 young children and I am trying to go to school. I have not had a vacation from my 50+ hour a week job in 2 years. Past time for a break.. lol. I would have to take my mom with me because she is my best friend and my life saver. She has always dropped everything for me when i need her and helps me every day with my crazy life. She deserves the TLC a whole lot more than me but couldn't turn on a computer to save her life... So here I am trying to win.
LuLuLaLa97 LuLuLaLa97 7 years
How awesome would this be! I wouldn't argue that I deserve it more than most, but I would definitely appreciate it!
bluestitch bluestitch 7 years
I believe every woman deserves a spa weekend because we're all so busy and hard working. I don't have too much of a story to tell. I'm just a college student, I have no money in my pocket, jobs aren't that hot, and the stress of having to deal with all this is tough. But the reason why I would like to win is simply because I think it would be great for my mom and I to just get away a bit from the stress of every day life and just treat ourselves to something nice and relaxing. She's been very stressed because of my college tuition so I'm certain my mom would love something like this and it sounds like a wonderful mother-daughter retreat that we would both enjoy. But you know I think there ought to be a free spa day for all women :)
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